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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Collector When . . .

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From the article: What's a Collectible?
It might have been when you looked around and realized you had five teapots, when you only need one. Or the three cookie jars lining the kitchen counter or perhaps it's not ever missing an episode of Antique Roadshow? These are definitely signs of a beginning collector -- when did you realize that, yes -- You're a Collector?

Share your funny, serious and real stories by finishing the sentence -- You Know You're a Collector When. . .


You start collecting things that have never been or never will be collected. I knew I had a problem when I wanted to frame a few of my favorite pieces of junk mail....I framed only one....for now,)
—Guest Collectoria

Know ur a collector when

We clicked on this page to see the responses of other collectors. We're not that bad. Right~
—Guest J

Up All Night

You spring from bed in the middle of the night because you thought of another word to use to search for an item you are trying to find.
—Guest BKR

You know your a collector when...

You mention in passing that you like something and for the next 10 years on birthdays and Christmas you get related memorabilia.
—Guest andy bee

collector of cats

You know you're a collector when you realize that the hutch is full of ceramic cats and there is no more room for any more.
—Guest Terri Laytham

you know you're a collector when...

You notice you are over stocked in junk that's repeated several times, in my case shower curtain hooks!
—Guest areli

You know you're a collector when . . .

You have no spaces left and your husband says it's them or him.
—Guest w.kitchen

You Know You're a Collector When...

Your collection lives in the master bedroom, and you sleep in the West Wing!

Never too much stuff

You get a tattoo to match your favorite china pattern and you have so much china it's taken over the linen closet.
—Guest David Blair

You know you're a collector when..

1-On your way to the Delivery Room, you detour to the Hospital Gift Shop to see if they have collectables. 2- Your Wedding Registry is at an Antique Mall. 3- During the Holidays you serve Holiday dinner on paper plates, while your antique china stays neatly displayed in a china cabinet. 4- Your have more display cabinets than places to sit.

Really a collector!

When I can't get into my closet anymore. It is filled with boxes of treasures that I collect and can't part with!
—Guest maggie

You know you're a collector when

You have so much "stuff" your husband offers to "help clean" via the trash can. -- Note from Barb, I can relate to this one!
—Guest carol

Loves Those Cows

A cow-creamer from my Grandmother (I am 83) led to many more cows...like one hundred or more and everyone sends me a birthday card with cows on it!
—Guest barbara

I knew I was a collector---

When I started gathering up all the crocks I found. Then all the Depression glass. then it just went on and on. This was 30 years or more ago!
—Guest Mary Garrett

you know when...

You have to buy more curio cabinets to hold what you now have!

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