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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Collector When . . .

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From the article: What's a Collectible?
It might have been when you looked around and realized you had five teapots, when you only need one. Or the three cookie jars lining the kitchen counter or perhaps it's not ever missing an episode of Antique Roadshow? These are definitely signs of a beginning collector -- when did you realize that, yes -- You're a Collector?

Share your funny, serious and real stories by finishing the sentence -- You Know You're a Collector When. . .

Not Me????

You have 119 tigger stuffed animals( I didn't purchase all of them), 80 quilts( I did purchase these), 20 aprons in your kitchen(for decoration) and 120 Longaberger baskets ( decoration for my home???right?)
—Guest susan emig

When Collections of Things Holding....

You are "avid collector gone amok" when you now collect things that can hold your other collections in them! Tins, baskets, & trays, pretty glass bowls, nice little wooden boxes, and large wood crates that line the garage walls! ....When you say ya' want only gifts that can hold things inside of it ~ and please don't put anything else in it...defeats the purpose! (sigh!) Another sure sign is when you do try & watch "hoarders" shows, and you see "perfectly good stuff" being tossed out, and wonder how you can get the address/location of that place!?!
—Guest Aunt Sunny

"Old junk"

When your husband threatens to divorce you if refused to get rid of "all that old junk" and you respond to him with a "go ahead".
—Guest Issa G.

You have 14 Collections. . .

I have 14 collections: eye wash cups, eagles and spice cans are the largest. I love finding old clickers, key rings, maps, pie tis, hot pads, hand held advertising fans, small bibles, political buttons, Daisy Dot dishes and patches are my passion. I made a patchwork quilt to put 289 on. We have it hanging in the hallways, but there are four spots left to finish it.
—Guest Donna Chapin

My Grandmother, My Mother and I

I know I'm a collector when people start looking at my wrinkles and state just how many cookie jars are there? These must date back before World War II! You are ashamed to admitt they are, but with the good memories of all and with all gone comes sadness too.
—Guest Alysia Fowler

You know you're a collector when...

When your family tells you, "you have 50 items" and you realize you have more than twice that many items and still have the perfect place for more.

Oh My!

When you just found out the pretty blue pitcher your mother poured Koolaid from is an expensive piece from Westinghouse Hall of China. And it's in your possession!

I know I am a collector

I knew from early on I was a collector. When I was 15 yrs old and started to drive. I started buying tea cups and ginger jars.
—Guest Cynthia Lucas

You know you're a collector when.....

Your grandchildren can't sleep over because their beds are covered with children's collectibles you started collecting when they were born 10 years ago!


Guest Jean, I cried after reading your comments, My whole family is gone too. I have precious items that belong to them .
—Guest Mary paquette

'You know you're a collector when...

...you enjoy watching the side of the road more for what people throw out, than watching the scenery that goes by while driving!!!
—Guest Denise H.

Indeed, I am a Collector!

I love to peruse through antique shops and imagine how various objects were used and then I imagine the article on my shelves or coffee table. I believe that these antique items we treasure are a connection to the past. The hardest thing for me is to sell them or give them away. It is not ever about money but is about the past to which we all are connected.
—Guest Melissa

Collection of collections

...you have a collection of collections! When your collections develop sub-collections of their own, you simply can't get rid of them. You rationalize and say you are collecting for your kids'/grandkids' inheritance. You no longer have a guest room, because the decor you started with has become a collection itself. You have boxes stacked in every available nook and cranny. Not one single bed, chair or table in your house has any visible floor under it. You won't use the soap you bought because it will break up a trio (the beginning of a collection; two is a pair, three is a collection). You have to make a list of everything you collect, because there are so many you can't remember them. People come to your house to shop. You can no longer let people past the front door because the collections have taken over!

You know you're a collector when . .

sellers see me coming they simply double their asking price. But I also understand this.
—Guest G.Sarwar Khero

You Know You're a Collector When . .

Every time you go to an auction your sons are "on call" to find out if they need to come with a truck, U-haul or semi.
—Guest rhondasells@gmail.com

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