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Scrabble Table - Trash to Treasures - Garage Sale Trash turns to Treasure

Share Your Story: Trash to Treasures Projects

By ab-collect

Scrabble Table - Trash to Treasures - Garage Sale Trash turns to Treasure

Cost to complete project

Cost of paint, copies of Scrabble board and old garage sale table.

Where I found this

Scrabble is definitely a family favorite game and when an old wooden table was found at a garage sale I decided to paint it with a Scrabble theme.

How I repurposed it

The table was sanded and painted with black paint, satin-finish.

A Scrabble game board was color-copied, along with game tiles (lots of extras).

Using Mod Podge, the color copy game board was carefully glued to the the table top.

After this completely dried, letter tiles were positioned on the game board to spell out family names and words.

These were also glued with Mod Podge. After everything was completely dry several more coats of Mod Podge were used to seal the designs. Each coat was allowed to dry completely and a light sanding with #0000 steel wool was used between applications.

Tips and Tricks

  • The game board was too large to copy onto one piece of paper, it was copied in two sheets and cut carefully along the seams.
  • The paper is very fragile when wet and needs to be handled carefully. I made several extra copies in case of problems or tears.

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