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Collectibles: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Price and Value Guides for Collectibles and...
Free prices and values of collectibles, memorabilia and antiques online.
Everything You Need to Know About Avon...
One of the more popular collectible searches continues to be Avon and Avon collectibles. Here are some links that will help you in your search to find out more.
Where to Sell Your Beanie Babies
I have quite a few of mint condition beanie babies, who can i sell them to for the best price for me?
Everything You Need to Know about Ty Beanie...
From the hot phenomena of the 1990s to the still popular plush toys, Beanie Babies still have their avid fans and collectors.
Marble Pictures and Prices
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices!
Andy Armadillo Jar
Another great advertising jar created by Louisville Stoneware for Texas Roadhouse.
Avon Collectibles
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values.
M.I.Hummels Marks of Authenticity -- Dating...
M.I.Hummels Marks of Authenticity, figure out when your pieces were made by using the chart marks to identify your figurines.
What Do Ty Beanie Babies Sell for on eBay?
A sampling of prices for Ty Beanie Babies. Page 2.
Check Auction Prices for Vintage Elvis Records
According to the official Elvis Presley web site he sold over one billion records, with 150 albums and singles. Presley had 14 Grammy nominations to his credit and starred in 33 films.
13 Ways to Sell Your Collection
Getting the best price depends on the venue chosen, e.g. don't sell autographs on a site that is heavy into toys or vice-versa. Do some research and find out where your type of collectors are hanging out and where they are buying.
Do You Collect Cookie Jars? Check These...
Everyone smiles when they see a cookie jar collection! Many are transported back to their grandma's kitchen and getting home baked cookies from that special jars. And that's how many jar collections get started, collecting their childhood memories!
Teapots Are Collectible, Too: Check Here for...
Teapots are both collectible and functional, check out these great pieces! Prices shown are suggested online sale prices.
Levis: The Jeans That Won the West
When a young Levi Strauss arrived in a bustling, noisy San Francisco in 1853, the rush for California gold riches was still in high gear. The son of a Bavarian dry-good peddler, Levi expected that the mining camps would welcome the buttons, scissors, thread and bolts of fabric that he had brought with him, along with yards of canvas sail cloth that he intended to sell for tent-making and as covers for the the Conestroga wagons that dotted every stream and river.
The Lefton Company
The Lefton Company has always enjoyed a wonderful reputation amongst collectors and the company's different lines have been as diverse as collectors are.
These Collectible Baseball Cards Still Bring In...
A sampling of prices realized at online auctions for rare and hard-to-find baseball cards.
Learn More about Morton
I've been dedicated the month of February to updating the numerous pottery and cookie jar pages on this website. After all cookie jars is where this all started
Assortment of Oxblood Marbles
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 10.
Ty Beanie Babies, Twenty Years Later
Do you have any of the original nine beanie babies, do you even know what they are? Check out this list for the name of the now twenty year old beanie babies.
McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery: Pictures and Prices
McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery: Pictures and Values
Gallery of Antique Teapot Pictures and Values
An assortment of teapot pictures and prices for antique collectors.
10 Ways to Ruin Your Garage or Tag Sale
Selling stuff at a garage sale and wonder why you don't make much money? Perhaps your strategy is all wrong.
M.I. Hummel and Goebel
There is no doubt what a Hummel is. And even though there have been hundreds of pieces with numerous figurines made in different sizes over the years and many other companies trying to cash in on their popularlity by making copies --the popularity of these charming Bavarian children has not diminished.
Beanie Baby Prices Update and the Internet
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet about beanie babies, unfortunately they are not always worth thousands of dollars, in fact they rarely are!
Christensen Agate Swirl Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 7.
Check Out How Much Diecast Vehicles Go for at...
Hallmark diecast, hot wheels, collecting diecast vehicles.
Take the Disney Tough Movie Trivia Quiz
How well do you know your Disney Movies? Take the Tough Trivia Test
Machine-Made Swirl Marbles
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 6.
Ribbon Core Swirl Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 14.
Company Profile: McCoy Pottery
McCoy Pottery never patented their designs, which today has opened a floodgate of copycats and fake-makers! The popular company's name is also used to sell auction items, not everything is a McCoy piece. Although it would be hard to prove to sellers.
Frankoma Pottery Prices and Values
Frankoma Pottery has had it's ups and downs in business, but 75 years later it's still around with a new owner with new visions for the historical company.
Disneyland Sign Up For Auction
Disney Auctions celebrates Disneyland's 48th anniversary by offering official Disneyland sign and ride and parade vehicles from the park
Best Place to Sell Online for Antiques/Collecti...
Readers' Choice Awards -- Readers' Choice for Best Place to Sell Collectibles
Black and White Navarre Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 8.
McCoy Pottery Marks
An index of McCoy Pottery marks.
Onionskin Swirl Marble
toys boat train marble collecting antique toys. Page 17.
End of Day Onion Skin Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 11.
Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale or Tag...
My top tips for having a successful Garage or Tag Sale. Selling online is not always the best answer.
Top 10 Beginner Tips to Smart Collecting!
The beginners guide to collecting, what to buy to start a collection.
The Boyds Collection Ltd
Boyds Collection Ltd
Two-sided Sulphide Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 12.
How To Find Out What It's Worth
A simple How-To to on finding value of your collectibles, from your About.com Guide to Collectibles.
What is Mid-Century Modern?
Mid-Century modern is a period in design history that describes the post-World War II period of exuberant, sleek, elegant and functional furniture, architecture and home accessories that filled suburban homes. Top designers include Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson and others.
Marble King Marbles w/Original Box
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 16.
Marble Tournament Medal
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 13.
Boxed Marble Games
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 9.
Learn About Collecting G.I. Joe, the Original...
G. I. Joe, G. I. Joe, Fight man from head to toe. On the land, on the sea, in the air
Two Blue Marbles
Marbles are part of a wide variety (865 Lots) of toys, trains, die cast vehicles and figures was auctioned Live on eBay October 26, 2003. Page 20.
Marble Boxes
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 15.
Eight Uses for those Old TY Beanie Babies
Collecting Beanie Babies, not quite the lucrative hobby it once was.
Are the Guys On "Auction Hunters" Just Actors?
Allen Haff and Ton Jones in Auction Hunters. Page 2.
Ronald McDonald Collectibles Prices and Values
Instantly recognizable to kids world-wide, Ronald McDonald is more than a smiling face, which makes him -- a collecting icon!
Your Price and Value Guide for Toy Collectibles
Toy Miscellaneous Collectibles Value Guides
Exhibit of Early Marbles at GEM
Geppi's Entertainment Museum, A Photo Tour of the Pop Culture Museum Early Toys in American History. Page 19.
Who's Who in California Pottery Companies, Part I
The list of California Potteries numbers well over 1000, this list helps with a short brief on some of the more popular ones from A to H.
Vintage T-Shirts Prices Realized
Who would have thought those t-shirts we picked up at concerts years ago would be worth so much now? That is if you didn't turn them into dustrags or horrors -- something to wash the car!Today the vintage shirtsfrom rock concerts in the seventies and eighties are hot, make that very hot! So it's time to dig through the closet and see if you still have one or two left. Or perhaps it's time to re-live those days with by buying back those carefree days.
Avon Bishop II Chess Bottle
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 8.
McCoy Mammy
Collecting Black McCoy Mammy Cookie jars. Page 4.
Avon Cape Cod Sugar & Creamer
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 3.
Christensen Agate Banded Transparent Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 5.
Indian Mag Lite Marble
Monumental Indian “Mag Lite” marble. Page 18.
Avon Skater's Waltz
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 7.
M.I.Hummel Figurines
M I Hummel Figurines The M.I.Hummel club is probably the longest running collector club in existence and no wonder, look at many of the great pieces available as club exclusives.
Frankoma Pottery
Frankoma Pottery -- an American pottery made in Oklahoma and started in 1933.
Beanie Babies Price Updates
Interested in selling a few Beanie Babies, check out some of the sold prices for the months September and October 2013.
Solid Core Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 3.
Sad Iron Pictures and Prices
Collectible Sad Irons - pictures and prices
Online Auction Websites
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >There are numerous
Shawnee Pottery: Facts, Trivia and Collectibles
Shawnee pottery was in business form 1937 though 1961 and is a favorite pick of pottery collectors.
Avon Cable Car Cologne
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 6.
8 Things You Should Know When Collecting...
The key to collecting autographs by mail is constantly educating yourself, whether it is learning about fakes or keeping up to date on who is signing through the mail.
Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jars
Little Red Riding Hood jars are some of the most popular jars among collectors. But it starts getting pretty confusing when trying to figure out values or just what you have.
Identifying Marks on Collectibles - Identify...
How to search for and identify your collectibles. Figure out values and what an items is worth
Disney Collectibles: Online Price and Value...
How can you not smile when looking at a Disney piece of art, collectible or cartoon? The entire Disney market is a collecting dream, everything is collectible with vintage pieces becoming more valuable every year.
The Real McCoys: Is it Authentic or is it a Fake?
McCoy and Cookie Jars go together and because they do, many unscrupulous sellers try to take advantage of collectors. This is especially prevalent through Internet sales when buyers think they are bidding or purchasing an authentic jar from the real McCoy company.
Sulphide Frog Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 4.
Collecting Ideas for Kids of all Ages
kids collectibles toy happy meals stamps coins rocks
Onion Skin Mica Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices! Page 2.
Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley Trivia Quiz
Do You Know Your Elvis? Take the Elvis Trivia Quiz! Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have javascript
Single Pontil Birdcage Marble
A single pintail birdcage marble sold at Morphy's for almost $8000. Page 21.
Antique and Tin Toys Price / Value Guides
Vintage tin toys can be pricey to downright expensive. Find out more about the prices for these amazing and rare toys.
Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia and...
Elvis Presley was not only popular when he was alive, his popularity after his death skyrocketed. Vintage and authentic Elvis memorabilia is crazy collectible, which has spurred current companies to take advantage of that interest to produce current collectibles. How well do you know your Elvis, take the trivia test . . Read more
The Real McCoys Cookie Jars vs Reproduction...
The Real McCoys Cookie Jars vs Reproduction or Fake McCoy Cookie Jars
Walt Disney Auction Prices Realized
Prices Realized: Mickey Mouse Collectibles and Memorabilia including illustrations, ceramic and tin toys.
Masters of the Universe, He-Man Prices/Values
Mattel's Masters of the Universe's He-Man was a popular action figure produced from the early eighties through 1992 and again in 2002 for three years.
Antique Tools and Unusual Items Prices/ Values
Pictures and price for antique tools, unusual items and weird stuff!
Onion Skin Blizzard Marble
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices!
Perfume Bottle Pictures and Values
Beautiful perfume bottles auction with pictures and prices.
Prices Realized: Mr. Peanut Collectibles
A favorite among advertising collectors, the Mr. Peanut icon will soon be celebrating 100 years and he still looks great.
Little Red Riding Hood Jars
There are many variations of Hull and Regal Little Red Riding Hood jars, the value of the jar depends on the decoration.
G.I. Joe Pictures and Prices
Have some old GI Joes in the closet? Maybe you've hit the jackpot?
Roseville Pottery
This page includes a timeline and description of Roseville Pottery, including prices (as of March 2006), how to detect fakes, and a list of relevant books.
About WorthPoint.com
WorthPoint has only been around since 2007, but has made a big impact in the collecting market.
A - Z Prices Online: TOYS / LUNCHBOXES
Toy Price Guides online -- Find out what it's worth or what the toys sold for.
How to Date Antique and Collectible Porcelain
Figuring out antique items is like being in a mystery, learning how to decipher all those little marks and numbers is the key to figuring out exactly what you have.
Prices Realized: Pillsbury Doughboy
Poppin Fresh collectibles, prices realized online and in antique shops. Find out what they're worth and what's available.
Popular Pages on Collectibles
As I wind down my last few days on About.com I thought share some of the more popular articles on the Collectibles site. They're not in any particular order,
Frankoma DEM and GOP Mugs
Collectibles and Antiques Pictures and prices. Shown is a miscellaneous assortment of pictures showcasing Antiques and Collectibles sold on eBay: Frankoma Pot and Puma. Page 4.
Limoges Porcelain Boxes
Say the word Limoges and everyone knows what you are talking about. But did you realize Limoges can encompass any number of manufacturers or artisans making these pieces?
McCoy Happy Face Cookie Jar
McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery: Pictures and Values. Page 5.
McCoy Pottery Resources
The top resources for McCoy Pottery
Collectible Tiki Mugs
Learn about Midcentury Tiki mugs, where they came from and why they were -- and still are -- so popular.
Selling on Lofty
High dollar collections, fine art paintings, jewelry and fashion items -- including Prada and Louis Vuitton, all items currently being shown on Lofty.com.
Red Rose Premiums -- What About Wade?
Running out of room for your collections? How about one that takes little room, is very affordable, has lots of history behind them and best of all, they're fun and fascinating. What am I talking about? Red Rose Tea Premiums!
A Beginners Guide to Sports Card Collecting
Sports Card Collecting -- An Beginners Guide to Sports Card Collecting
Avon Cape Cod Plate
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values.
Avon Sharing The Christmas Spirit
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 4.
The History of Treasure Craft
Learn more about Treasure Craft Pottery
Tips on Caring for, Buying and Authenticating...
Hummel figurines are adorable, but there is nothing adorable when one breaks or gets chipped! Be sure to take care of your Hummels and other fine ceramic figurines with these hints.
Black Memorabila Collectibles Index
Black Memorabila Collectibles Index
Enjoying the Night Before Christmas
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 5.
Warman's Little Golden Books Identification and...
Warman's Little Golden Books Identification and Price Guide -- Little Golden Books are one of my top picks for folks looking for a fun and affordable collectible.
Collecting Community Comes Together
One of achievements I am most proud of from my years here on About happened just a few months ago. In 2012 - 2013 there were several weather related
Rare Collectibles and Hot Prices on eBay
Find out what was hot in the Collectibles Categories over the years. Shown are a sampling of prices paid and date sold on eBay.
Prices Realized: Disney Snowglobes
Although I am not sure when the first Disney snowglobe was produced, they're very popular as evidenced by these prices realized at online auctions.
Mike Wolfe of American Pickers
Meet Mike Wolfe of American Pickers on the History Channel
Steiff Toys -- over a century of the very best when it comes to plush toys.
AuctionBytes Blog
It takes me leaving, but I finally got to be a subject of a blog on AuctionBytes Blog. Thanks for the writeup!
Avon Cape Cod Bowl
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values. Page 2.
Prices Realized -- 75 Years of Mickey Mouse...
Sotheby's and The Walt Disney Company recently concluded the celebration of Mickey Mouse's 75th anniversary
Thanks for the memories . . .
It's a little bittersweet for me, but Friday, February 28th, will be my last day on About. It's been a terrific seventeen years and a long way from the days of
Prices Realized: Shirley Temple Dolls
Shirley Temple dolls are still sought eagerly by collectors today, find out some recent prices.
Raikes Bears, A Family Affair with Raikes...
Raikes Bears, It's a Family Affair Wiwth Collectible Bears
Compare Cast Iron Mammy Banks
Black Memorabila Collectibles Index. Page 8.
Company Profile: Wade Ceramics, Ltd.
A profile of the ceramics and pottery company Wade Ceramics, Ltd., which has been associated with fine pottery since the early 1800s.
Corning Ware Prices Realized
More about Corning Ware and prices realized online.
Who's Who in California Pottery Companies, Part...
The list of California Potteries numbers well over 1000, this list helps with a short brief on some of the more popular ones from I to Z
McCoy Clown in a Barrel Cookie Jar - RARE
McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery: Pictures and Values. Page 2.
Stawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Care...
Child of the eighties? These are your toys -- My Little Pony, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and collectibles. Find out more about their values.
Shawnee Pottery Jars
Although everything "Shawnee" is collectible, the cookie jars are especially popular. The Smiley pig,
Collecting Black Memorabilia
To be considered a black collectible, it must be made in the image of a black person or made by a black artist.
Kitchen Tools Pictures and Prices
Pictures and Prices of Antique Kitchen Tools and Utensils
Rare Teddy Bears and Hot Prices
What's it worth? What did it sell for? Those are questions always asked about our collectibles. Shown are some interesting dolls and bears auctioned and the high prices they sold for.
Prices Realized: M & M Collectibles
Spring 2005. A sampling of prices from around the Internet, online auctions, shops and flea markets.
Occupied Japan
Occupied Japan - Definition of the Term OCCUPIED JAPAN - Collectibles Glossary
A - Z Prices Online: Advertising Stuff
Advertising Price and Value Guides online: Fine out what it's worth or what the stuff sold for. Includes Coca Cola, M & M Pillsbury doughboy and more.
Red Wing Pottery Profile
Red Wing Pottery from Minnesota is well known among antiquers and collectors, the salt-glazed pottery can command prices in the thousands.
Robert Raikes Collectibles Bears and Dolls
Adorable Robert Raikes Collectible bears and dolls are popular with bear and doll collectors.
Welch Jelly Glasses
Cartoon and Promotional Drinking Glass prices can range from just a dollar or to each, to hundreds of dollars. Do you know what to look for. Page 2.
Belleek Limpet Teapot
A Gallery of Antique Teapot Pictures and Suggested Values, Belleek Limpet Teapot. Page 7.
The Complete Guide to Corning Ware & Visions...
Back in the sixties and seventies, who would have ever thought those simple white and blue flowered saucepans and casseroles would one day be a hot collectible? Well, perhaps they are not hot yet, but they are sought after and selling for more than one might expect. Prices should only go up. Luckily there are enough common pieces to satisfy the casual collector and for those incurable collectors among us -- Coroneos documents those rare and unusual pieces that are hard to find.
Hobby Lobby -- Company Profile
From a humble beginning to a huge family enterprise today Hobby Lobby is always an adventure. There is always something to look for and usually something to buy. As my tastes have changed, so has the company. Although they have never lost sight of their beginnings and still have the largest, most complete crafts supplies anywhere, they have also evolved in a store for those that are no longer doing those crafts.
M.I.Hummel - Puppy Love
M I Hummel Figurines Puppy Love is the figurine that started it all.
Ty Beanie Babies, It wasn't the End Still...
Ty Beanie Babies It wasn't Really the End Still Collecting Beanies
Learn more about Lofty!
A new game is in town for both buyers and sellers of high-end collectibles and antiques.
Collectible Gnomes
Gnomes have been collected for well over 100 years, learn more about the companies that made them.
${sdpn} - By Category
Collectible and Antique Price Guides Online Collectible and Antique Price Guides Online Numerous collectible
Super Heroes Characters / Action Figure Values
Prices and price guides for action figures and super hero collectibles.
Cookie Jars - Price Guide for Cookie Jars
An Easy to Use Guide of Cookie Jar Pictures, Pottery Companies and Value Guides Starting with D
Collecting Crayola Tins and Collectibles
these tins include the tins produced since 1990, with only a few missing. The Price Guesstimate are just that, a guess and estimate combined! Prices of course depend on the market, where it is being purchased and condition

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