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Printable Gift Tags for Collectors


An assortment of printable gift tags for collectors, these can be printed as-is or slightly re-sized to use with business card pages purchased from office supply stores.

Christmas Gift Tags

Barb Crews
An large assortment of gift tags featuring collectible images, vintage scraps, antique toys, and current collectibles.

Hanukkah Gift Tags

Barb Crews
A set of four different gift tags for your Hanukkah gifts feature a glass dreidel, glass menorah, Mickey Mouse and a Rabbi cookie jar as illustrations.

Bear Gift Tags

Barb Crews

Gloomy and Unfortunate Tags for Lemony Snicket Fans

Barb Crews
When my grandson became a Lemony Snicket fan, I knew I had to create a few fun gift tags for those unusual books and those who collect them.

My Little Pony, Pokemon and YuGiOh Tags

Barb Crews
Gift tags for the collecting kids on your list!

Cookie Jar Gift Tags

Barb Crews

Christmas Scraps

Barb Crews
An assortment of vintage and antique Christmas scraps that can be used to create your own gift tags, place cards, greeting cards and gifts.

Wizard Tags and Bookmarks

Barb Crews
For the wizard and Harry Potter fan on your gift list, check out these wizard-inspired assortment of five different tags. Also available for free printing is an assortment of three bookmarks, also wizard-inspired.

Valentine Gift Tags

Barb Crews
Scraps, illustrations, collectibles and postcards were all used for the Valentine gift tags that can be used for those special gifts. Some are suitable for children's parties!

Halloween Gift Tags

Barb Crews
Have special treats for favorite trick or treaters? Perhaps you're having a Halloween dinner party? These free printable tags can be used as tags for when little friends come to the door, as gift tags for Halloween gifts or even as place cards at a Halloween dinner.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Barb Crews
Make your Thanksgiving dinner extra special with these printable place cards made from vintage postcards. It's one way to separate those feuding relatives!
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