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Fleece Throw No-Sew Free Pattern -- Use a Collector's Theme


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No-Sew Blankets and Afghans for Collectors
Fleece Throw No-Sew Free Pattern -- Use a Collector's Theme

Afghan for the OU Football Fan

Barb Crews
A no-sew throw that's easy to make and is perfect for personalization by finding a print that's fits what the recipient collects. Think John Deere fabrics for the farm collector, teddy bear print for the toy collector, the choices are endless.

Most of the throws can be made for well under $20.

You've probably seen versions of these afghans in the stores, but why not make your own version as a quick and inexpensive present. The ones in stores are often very thin and flimsy, hand-made ones can be made thicker, warm and more plush feeling.

There are fleeces that can be used for just about every collector and this is a one-of-a-kind edition they won't already have. The washable fleece comes in a multitude of colors and patterns, I guarantee you can find one to fit the recipient. There are licensed sports teams, licensed characters from Disney, Sesame Street or Warner Bros., NASCAR, etc. But you don't need to use a licensed design, the generic designs can fit just as well.

For example there are fleeces for horse, dog, frog or cat lovers and collectors. Vintage western prints that remind me of old travel postcards. Trains, planes and automobiles for transportation enthusiasts. Teddy bears, patriotic for Americana collectors, galaxies for Star Trekkers, Coke, football themes for sports collectors, bowling prints, and numerous holiday prints.

Note: Many fabrics can be found online at stores like Joann Fabrics.

The fleece throw shown here was made for an Oklahoma University student who usually doesn't miss a home game, and also has a small collection of school memorabilia. Although it's not a licensed fleece, the school colors are in the background diamond pattern.

I had several choices for the reversible side, but after putting a few combinations together decided the black fleece was the best bet. The white was very pretty as a reverse fabric and I would have used it--if the throw was for a girl. It was just a little too pretty for a guy.

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