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Hoping for Treasures
Antiques Roadshow Oklahoma City
Barbara Crews
If you were in downtown Oklahoma City on August 2003 and didn't know what was going on, you would have probably thought it was the world's biggest garage sale. And judging by all that was carried in and out of the Cox Business Center, it must have been a good one! It wasn't a garage sale, but it had the same festive atmosphere. Antiques Roadshow, the most popular show on Public Television, came to Oklahoma City to see just what treasures we had in store for them.

A record turnout, with more than 5000 in attendance fueled the atmosphere and expectations of everyone that came clutching their treasures. There was furniture on dollies, paintings carefully wrapped, boxes of trains and toys, and at one point we even saw a wicker casket. We found out later it wasn't a casket, but what was once used instead of burial bags when transporting bodies to the funeral home.

Three episodes were taped in Oklahoma City for 2004, the eighth season for the show. But don't look for us on TV. Nothing we brought was very exciting, just personal treasures to us.

More than 40 appraisers were scattered around the perimeter of the huge room, with the center reserved for TV cameras and the spotlight items. Susie Dowdy, Manager of Communications OETA - The Oklahoma Network, mentioned that all the appraisers pay both their own way and all their own expenses.

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