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Free Printable Valentine Gift Tags for Collectors


Shown here are free printable Gift Tags from your Collectibles Guide. For a full size version of each tag, click on the designed tag. At each page you can easily download the image to use in your own graphics program or print a page.


  • Tags will fit a business card template that is available in Word and other graphic programs. To use template, open graphic program, copy image and paste in templates.

  • Tags can also be printed as-is, click on the printable click on each page. These tags should all print on one page, but to save printing and paper costs, select Print Only Page 1 when setting up printer.

  • Please NOTE: for best results, always print on high quality paper and best quality printer mode.
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Rainforest Cookie Jar Gift TagDutch Girl Gift TagValentine Wishes Gift TagCupid with Hearts Gift Tag
Victorian Girl Gift TagPostcard Girl Gift TagBoyds Bear Cookie Jar Gift TagCupid Gift Tag
Vintage Sewing Gift TagMy Little Pony Gift TagMy Little Pony Tag #2
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