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Numerous resources and fun stuff for collectors. Includes ecards, clip art, patent prints, display cabinets, repair and care, publications online. Necessary and valuable resources that are important in building an excellent collection. Learn more about fakes and fraud, markings, buying and selling, and other collectors.
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Photographing Tips for Your Collectibles
Most collectors like to share their finds and collections with other like-minded folks. With digital cameras and websites such as Facebook or Pinterest, it's easy. The trick is to make them also look great.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Back in the day, we used to give Mom handprint pictures, paper flowers and popsicle crafts, how about upgrading this year to something special.

Living With and Loving Your Collections
Collecting is all about enjoying the stuff you love to collect. Using it and keeping it where you can see it everyday is what it's all about.

To Buy or Not to Buy -- That's the Collecting Question!
When to buy and when not to buy is the question, play this "game" with yourself next time a purchase is tempting you.

For the Love of Collecting
It's a bit simple to say there are two types of personalities, Collectors and Non-Collectors. But it's true! If you love to collect it can take over your free time -- but that's not always a bad thing. It all depends on how crazy you get!

Here are some general articles about collecting, as well as quizzes and a test to see if you really are a collector.

Ten Challenging Mystery Antiques
Ten Most Challenging Mystery Antiques

Insuring Your Valuable Collections
You've spent years and a lot of money on your collections - but have you thought about insurance? What happens if something happens to your collection? What if a piece breaks or a piece is stolen? Insurance is good to have.

Museums for Collectors
The article title might be a bit redundant, Museums are always for collectors. But these museums are geared to collectors who might have a passion for certain type of collecting.

Wordless Wednesday Picture Gallery
A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Here is my gallery of Wordless Wednesday pictures from the past few months.

What's Your Collection Worth?
Insurance is one way to be sure your collection can be replaced in the case of storms or fire.

Are Your Collectibles Insured?
Are your collectibles safe during a hurricane or tornado?

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Collectors
These may not be your typical stocking stuffers, but I would love to get them in my Christmas stocking! These can make life just a little easier, but if you're giving one of these non-traditional gifts, perhaps include an explanation of how they can be used by a collector.

Gifts and Ideas for Collectors -- Give a Collectible!
What to give your favorite collector as a gift? The problem is you never know just what they already have. Take a look at these collectible picks and find the perfect gift.

What's a Collectible? The Experts Give Their Answers
The word collectible brings something different to anyone who thinks about it. Ask a non-collector what a collectible is and they will probably mention little figurines that are specifically marketed as collectibles or its more likely they will mention Beanie Babies! Sometimes the non-collector will say mention stamps, coins or even rocks and...

Free eBay Boxes from USPS
Order free priority mail boxes from the post office free. You can even get them with an eBay logo!

Navigating the Web of Collectibles
Navigating the web of Collectibles on About.com. Find out where the various links and articles are.

Who collects, why they collect and where they find their stuff! Surprisingly, there are a lot of folks out there who don't use eBay for their collecting purchases. If you like reading statistics like I do, this will be fascinating stuff to digest. Now I just need to figure out how to use the information to make my online business grow. The survey was conducted for eBay and Country Home.

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure
What distinguishes a collectible from ordinary rubbish is not always clear. Nonetheless, there are two primary characteristics that collectible items share: desirability and rarity.

Want to know what it's Worth? Try PriceMiner™
Over the years I've seen, and tried out, numerous programs that have used auction results and other sale venues to come up with historical price information. Unfortunately they've always had some short-comings that made them either difficult to use or the results were not what I was looking for.

Prices Asked, Prices Sold and What's Real?
Learn how to decipher the closed and sold auction prices to find out if an item really sold and for much it received.

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