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Vintage Valentine Postcards and Illustrations for Collectors


I love the vintage and antique Valentine greeting cards and postcards. It's a small collection added to when I come across the postcards and art at antique shows and flea markets.

According to the postmarks, many of the postcards are from the early 1900s, the greeting cards are from a little bit later in the century, the 1930s through the early 50s.

These an be easily downloaded to be used in Valentine craft projects.

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Cupid with Umbrella ValentineBoy in HeartSincere Thoughts PostcardBoy Robin Hood
Child's Written HeartBoy and Girl with SquirrelLittle Child with Bluebird Greeting CardViolets Postcard
Boy, Girl and PuppyLittle Girl Skipping RopeDutch Boy with TulipsLamb Valentine
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