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Chatting with Allen Haff and Ton Jones of Auction Hunters


An Exciting Third Season
Chatting with Allen Haff and Ton Jones of Auction Hunters

Allen and Ton of Auction Hunters

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The newest season of Auction Hunters, Spike TV premieres on Wednesday, March 21 with a very special live hour long show. During the telecast Allen Haff and Ton Jones will buy, unpack and sell the (hopefully) treasures found in the storage unit.

Will it be great TV? They're hoping so.

Honestly, this could go very good or very bad, Allen commented.

The show also has some interactive aspects with Twitter and Facebook. Viewers will have a chance to win a previous storage unit "find" through Twitter and immediately responding on Facebook. Learn more.

All the profits from the show will be matched by Spike TV and will benefit the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America). IAVA is the country's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. .

Although the live show is certainly a different way to present a season premiere, Allen and Ton promise the upcoming episodes will be just as exciting. (Note: the show has moved to Wednesday nights on Spike TV.)

For those who might not be familiar with the show, Allen and Ton go to storage places that are having auctions and bid on abandoned units, without seeing the contents except for a look from the doorway. They unpack the units, find out more about the values and it often shows them reselling the contents, along with prices realized. Basically it's a treasure hunt!

When asked what their favorite locations for this year, in unison "Alaska!" was the response. Yes, our guys went off to the wilds of Alaska, had some great finds and apparently loads of fun.

Allen said, Alaska was the most amazing place, lots of storage units and the buyers up there really know their stuff. It was gorgeous and we couldn't believe that we got paid to do what we did.

Ton related that the place is so beautiful, I wish I had more time to play, but traveling isn't cheap and we had to get back to work. Loved the Northern Lights!

Other places that will be visited this season include Denver which was killer, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Washington DC. They loved traveling around the Big Easy, got some time in the swamps and said the East coast was very good to them.

Now that the show is in it's third season, what kind of reception are you getting?
Some of the auctioneers and storage unit owners have told us that we've helped save their business, in some instances the would-be buyers would get together and decide who was going to buy what, basically taking it away from a real auction format. That was a rip off and scamming the system, with many times units only going for $5 - $10. each. That doesn't happen when we're in town. Basically we're helping to keep it honest.

Now you have to know what you are doing and you have to be on the top of your grame. Only the good auction buyers are gonna survive the game.

Have your collecting habits changed since you've started doing Auction Hunters?
Allen: Ton has always been interested weaponry and militaria, he likes volume, meanwhile I like the right tools for every situation. But he has me interested in some weaponry, I have/looking for three guns, for three different uses. When I find the right one I am ready to rock.

Allen: And Ton has become interested in some of the kitsch items. One thing we both have become interested in is antique carved Tikis. At times we've had to trade each other for stuff and he had possession of an antique carved Tiki that I really wanted and he unfortunately he knew it. I would get pictures of the Tiki in various locations and situations, I wound up having to ransom it from him.

Ton: I also really, really love uranium glass and love to sit and watch the glow.

How long a trip were you on?

Ton: Is it over yet?

To sum up this season, Ton told me this season we spent more money and took bigger gambles than we ever did in my entire life. It was a very fun, taxing and emotional experience, all at once.

Personally I can't wait to see what these two guys are up to next.

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