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A Chat with the Auction Hunters from Spike TV


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Auction Hunters -- Are They Actors?
A Chat with the Auction Hunters from Spike TV
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One comment often heard is how they are both "actors", so I asked Allen and Ton to explain how it all transpired.

Allen related that he was working for Continental Airlines in Houston when he was tapped to do a commercial for the airline. And it was the six figure salary he received that led him to believe that he could do even more commercials. California, here we come.

It's not as easy as it looks. So Allen did a few commercials, along with buying and selling antiques, as well as hustling and buying on eBay. All of this lead to him being in the right place at the right time to get on Clean House. "Once you are on the show, you get other opportunities."

So actors, yes, especially in the case of commercials. But perhaps television personalities would be a better fit. Just remember that they were experts in their particular fields before television came calling.

They both bring strengths to the show Auction Hunters. Allen said "Ton's interest and knowledge of mantiques brings those credentials to the equation, whereas I bring the more traditional antique knowledge to the show". Allen is a second generation antiques dealer and collector with over 20 years of expertise.

Does it ever get dangerous or scary?
"We do seem to have a lot of accidents. A while back we were in a unit bought in Chicago. This wasn't for the shoot, just on our own. The unit was filled with paint buckets, as you know paint is hazardous and people stayed away from bidding. So there we are with giant five-gallon buckets, we get into it and start opening them up. They were filled with cool stuff, e.g. a WWII army helmet, gold jewelry, so there is Ton climbing over them ripping them open as fast as he can, literally floating on top of the buckets. As he rips open the tops, one comes flying towards me, clocks me on the side of the head and gashes my eye open. I now have a scar right by my eye".

Another time they bought a sewing machine unit, that flopped like a guillotine. It literally sliced into Ton's hand and he could have lost his fingers.

"That's when we are moving too fast or put our hand into a box and a syringe is in it, as well as the dust and poison found in units that are the unseen dangers".

What do they personally collect?
Allen: "I have a room that is just dedicated to cowboy collectibles, things like old antique saddles, a horse clock. I can't believe that I missed the auction for Trigger"!

Ton: "Military weapons, precious medals"

Interested in doing a little auction hunting on your own? Read Allen and Ton's Advice to Auction Hunting Newbies.

From Spike TV:
Season two, which continues to follow two of the best prospectors in the business, Haff and Jones, kicks off in Miami with back-to-back episodes featuring the intense drama of highly competitive storage auctions in South Florida. The new season will travel across the country showcasing the lucrative and often cutthroat world of storage-unit auctions through the eyes of the renowned auction-hunting duo.

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