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A Chat with the Auction Hunters from Spike TV


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Allen Haff and Ton Jones: Getting Together
A Chat with the Auction Hunters from Spike TV
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How did these two very different guys get together?

Allen said Ton is the "elephant in the room", the personality you can't ignore. "I was the quiet one who kept my mouth shut and generally not too friendly. Meanwhile he goes out and relates to people and works the crowd. Ton was messing with me and we definitely got into a few scuffles at auctions. Until I helped him out with some old depression glass that he didn't know anything about".

They have very different backgrounds, Ton did car auctions for years, collects and knows about weaponry, currency and precious metals.

From Spike TV:
Ton Jones was introduced to storage unit auctions more than seven years ago when he was looking for old cars to take into the desert to wreck for fun, but what he found was a world specifically tailored to his unique skills.

Meanwhile, Allen credits much of what he knows to his mother. She taught him about finer antiques in general. He did appraising, antique buying and selling as a sideline in Texas in the nineties.

From Spike TV:
By the age of 24, Allen Haff owned his first antique business in Houston, TX and was one of the earliest eBay sellers of vintage collectibles online. He moved to Los Angeles ten years ago and immediately began hunting in storage unit auctions, Hollywood thrift stores, estate sales and swap meets and earned a living buying and selling antiques and collectibles.

"Three years ago we weren't friends, two years ago we were friends and now we are best friends".

"But it's all about the stuff, we get to learn, we get to travel and we get to be two guys that are friends. When he wins, I win and when he wins, I win".

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