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PEZ Facts, Trivia and Collectibles


As a cross collectible PEZ is a real winner -- Disney, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Santas, Garfield, Snoopy, Batman, Captain America. It's hard to think of licensed characters who aren't in the PEZ family. These small candy dispensers are not only inexpensive and fun to have, they can fit in well with the your other collections.

1. About PEZ

Barb Crews
Who hasn't had a PEZ growing up? Even if you aren't a collector, they are hard to resist with their cute colorful designs and so easy to pluck off the rack while standing in line at the supermarket or drug store. Learn more about the history of the company, how the candy got their unique name and links to the Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia.

2. Belyski, newletter editor, Talks About Collecting PEZ

Richie Belyski
Collector Richie Belyski, editor of PEZ Collector News and host of two annual conventions, recently chatted with me on the ins and outs of PEZ collecting.

Interested in pursuing those little plastic guys? Follow along. . .

3. PEZ Pictures

Richie Belyski
Belyski shares pictures of some rare and unusual PEZ pieces.

4. World's Fair Astronaut PEZ

Courtesy of eBay seller Bleucube
A rare PEZ was offered for sale on eBay. Only two known at the time.

5. Unusual and Limited Edition PEZ Collectibles

FAO Schwarz
FAO Schwarz debuted three Swarovski PEZ dispensers in 2003. Kermit, Goofy and Tigger all sold for $165. each. Two eBay exclusives for 2004 were two large, 12.5" high Sesame Street PEZ.

6. eBay and PEZ

Barbara Crews
The oft-told tale of how and why eBay began actually starts with PEZ. The tale has been since been refuted, but this was the history personally given to me by eBay several years ago.

"eBay was conceived initially as a result of a conversation between Pierre Omidyar and his wife, an avid PEZ collector (she currently covets a collection of more than 400 dispensers). She commented to Pierre how great it would be if she were able to collect PEZ dispensers and interact with other collectors over the Internet."

A display case of PEZ is one of the first things one sees when entering the eBay main lobby.

7. PEZ Prices

Hake's Americana
What's hot in the PEZ world of collecting? Check out these lists for Hake's PEZ prices and the list of the top ten PEZ dispensers according to Toys & Prices, 2008.

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