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Collecting Crayola Tins and Collectibles


An information identification guide to Crayola tins.

The majority of these tins have been produced since 1990. The price guesstimates are just that, a guess and estimate combined. Prices of course depend on the market, where it is being purchased and condition of the tin.

Thanks to Linda McPherson, author of Modern Collectible Tins for her help with the prices.

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Mini Crayola TinMiniature Crayola TinCrayola Marker ParkerCrayola Marker ParkerCrayola Collector's Colors 1991Crayola Collector's ColorsCrayola Pencil TinCrayola Pencil Tin -1991
Crayola Colorful Holiday WishesCrayola Colorful Holiday Wishes -199290th Anniversary of Crayola Crayons-199390th Anniversary of Crayola Crayons-1993Crayola Binney & Smith (Canada) Ltd-1993Crayola Binney & Smith (Canada) Ltd-1993Sharing the Memories of Crayola -1994Sharing the Memories of Crayola -1994
A World of Coloring Fun 1995Crayola A World of Coloring Fun 1995Jumping Crayons 1995Crayola Jumping Crayons 1995Crayola NBA TinCrayola NBA Tin Crayola NHL TinCrayola NHL Tin
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