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Toys : Cartoon, Comics, Bears, Dolls, Diecast, Plush, Tin and More!

Toy Collectors run the gamut from McDonald Happy Meal pieces to expensive antique tin toys. If you love toys, find your particular niche and specialize!
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  3. Cartoons/ Characters/Comics (34)
  4. Collectible Bears, Price...
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  6. Doll Collecting (28)
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Collecting Trashies
Trashies? I had no clue. That is until I talked with a nine year old!

Miniature Toy Soldiers and Figures
Such tiny little figures, but such big prices. Check out the prices these soldiers and other metal miniature figures received at auctions.

W. Britain Miniature Toy Soldiers
Going back well over a century Britains miniature toy soldiers were once a child's toy but no more. Meticulously painted and whether set in scenes or displayed by themselves these miniature toy soldiers are for those who strive for the best in a collection.

LEGO Brick Separator
LEGO Brick Separator is the one must-have tool.

LEGO's Statue of Liberty
LEGOS might not be thought of as collectible, until you start looking for older sets. They are definitely collectible and can be hard to find.

Star Trek
Over forty years after the original productions Star Trek is still a force to be reckoned with. The legions of fans have supported the literally hundreds of television episodes from numerous series and spin-offs, as well as eleven movies. Someone has to be out there watching all this stuff and they're called Trekkies!

Collecting Crayola
Crayola Collectibles and Crayons

Collecting Crayola Tins and Collectibles
these tins include the tins produced since 1990, with only a few missing. The Price Guesstimate are just that, a guess and estimate combined! Prices of course depend on the market, where it is being purchased and condition

Collecting G.I. Joe Action Figures
G. I. Joe, G. I. Joe, Fight man from head to toe. On the land, on the sea, in the air" If you were a boy in the sixties, you can probably still sing the jingle!

Star War Gift Picks
Star Wars have been a favorite of both kids and collectors for over three decades. Here are few picks that might be perfect for your favorite trooper.

Star Wars, The Clone Wars
With an animated movie in 2008, as well as a new weekly television series, is there any doubt that there will be a new set of collectors for Star Wars? More specifically Star Wars, The Clone Wars is appealing is getting collectors started young.

Summer Hayes' My Little Pony Collection
What's the holy grail for My Little Pony collectors? It's Rapunzel!

Wall-E Toys
Wall-e from Disney and Pixar toys are selling like hotcakes.

LEGOs Building Bricks
Learn more about the timeless toy LEGO patented by Godtfred Christiansen.

Tips on Caring for Your Old Toys
From the Kovels -- quick tips on learning to take care of your old toys. But these don't always have to apply to toys, if you have collectibles in boxes, with batteries or books -- the same tips can apply.

Price Guide: Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards
A few selected prices from Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards by Linda McPherson.

McDonald's Happy Meal Disney Car Promotion
If you look at auctions and sold-out shelves on stores, Cars is a big hit. Here are the very popular toys that were available through the McDonald's Happy Meal promotions.

Yesterday's Toys -- Tin's In
An interview with the Tinman from Kansas and his exciting antique toys.

An Excellent Book for Collectors -- Timeless Toys
This is such a cool book that it's hard to find the right words to convey how much fun it is to read. And it doesn't even matter what age you are, toys really are timeless. And this book proves it.

Puzzles for Collectors
Winter time is great for getting the family together around the table and work a puzzle or two. And it's even more fun when it's a subject that is near and dear to your hearts. These puzzles were picked for collectors!

KB Toys - Court Confirms Company’s Reorganization Plan
KB Toys, Inc. announced today that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has confirmed the Company’s First Amended Plan of Reorganization. Confirmation of the Plan paves the way for KB Toys and its subsidiaries to emerge from Chapter 11 in time for the beginning of the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Hasbro Introduces New MR. POTATO HEAD As Darth Vader

Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket a Series of Unfortunate Events gift items and toys for collectors

Harry Potter Picks: Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle -- Legos
Picked as one of the top toys for 2004, the Harry Potter Lego Castle is one cool toy!

Howdy Doody Collecting
Memories, links and more information on collecting Howdy!

Betty Boop -- Wacky Wobblers for Collectors
Funko created their first wacky wobbler in 1998 -- the popular Bob's Big Boy! The company has produced over 400 wobblers since then, including cartoon, advertising and pop culture icons. Betty Boop has been a popular figure and license for numerous companies and these cute wacky wobblers will make any Betty Boop fan smile!

Fisher-Price, Toys for Over 80 Years!
If you live in the US, it's a pretty good bet that there were at least one or two Fisher Price Toys in the toy box. Read more about the company.

Morphy's Marble Auction

Ty Beanie Babies, Twenty Years Later

Beanie Babies Price Updates

Beanie Baby Prices Update and the Internet
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet about beanie babies, unfortunately they are not always worth thousands of dollars, in fact they rarely are!

Ty Princess Beanie
The ty princess beanie is one of the most confusing to collectors when trying to figure out values. The sad part is they are not worth what most people think and will not send your kids to college.

Shirley Temple Collectibles
Shirley Temple Collectibles, perhaps not as hot as they once were, but still collected!

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