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American National Packard Coupe Pedal Car


American National Packard Coupe Pedal Car

Packard Coupe Pedal Car

Bertoia Auction
From Bertoia's Auctions:
An exceptional example, one of Don's prized pedal cars, pressed steel work of art, painted in deep brown with gold striping, wicker styled door panels, a true museum quality find, opening doors, soft covered top, fancy Eagle ornament, example as pictured in Ray Holland's Motor Car Book, best known example, no enhancement or restoration.
  • Circa: 1924
  • Size: 68" l.
  • Condition: Rubber tires worn.
  • Pre-auction estimate: $25,000. - $35,000.
  • Auction Date: April 2010
  • Auction Price: $43,700.
This lot was in the Bertoia's Donald Kaufman Toy auction, part III.

*Includes Buyer Premium

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