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Antique/Tin Toy Prices

Vintage tin toys -- find out more about what these wonderful antique toys might be worth.

Britains Toy Auction Pictures and Prices
There are probably 50 different manufacturers represented, with a production period that ranges from 1895 to about 1980.

Donald Kaufman Antique Toy Auction
Donald Kaufman Antique Toy Auction

Antique and Tin Toy Auction Prices
Live eBay Auction October 26, 2003 -- Toys, Trains and Diecast Vehicles

Bertoia Toy and Miniatures Auction
The April auction received the overall high estimate of $1.8 million dollars worth of toys, miniatures and antiques sold at Bertoia Auciton.

Antique Tin Toys, Miscellaneous Prices/Pictures
Old and antique toys can command high prices.

Britains Civilian Figures
Good things came in small packages at Christie’s South Kensington’s Dec. 1 sale of the Philip Dean collection of Britains civilian figures, which grossed $372,144.

Noel Barrett Auction
May 12 - 13, 2006 was a day for excited bidders and satisfied sellers at the Noel Barrett Auction in New Hope Pennsylvania. Toys from the Mary Merritt Doll Museum went for much more than the pre-sale estimate. Barrett said "the wonderful rarities from the musueum had been on display for many years, creating a pent-up demand and collectors were prepared to bid high in what they viewed as a unique opportunity to acquire their choice of thse famous toys."

Sand Pails Prices and Pictures
Today's baby boomers were lucky to have grown up towards the end of the heydey (1930 - 1960) of the tin sand pail and are one reason why these pails are very popular and sought after today.

The Top Ten Tin Toys: From Toys and Prices 2005
What's the holy grail of tin toys? Find out from the editors of Toy and Prices 2005 from Krause Publications

Tin Sand Pails Prices
Although online auction prices are typically lower than can be found at Antique Stores and Flea Markets, they can give a good idea of what's rare and what's common. Here are a few recent prices found online for children's tin sand pails.

Tin Toys Pictorial Price Guide
Some great tin toys are shown, along with prices. There are also mpgs of a few toys to show just what they "do".

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