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My Little Pony Collecting


Adorable colorful ponies have delighted little girls for years and have become quite collectible. Now the first young collectors are grown up and are still collecting. Or in the case of many, rebuilding their original collections.

Incredible Collectors of My Little Pony

Incredible Collectors! What else would you call someone who has over two thousand My Little Pony collectibles. Over a thousand Ponies, along with another 1000 accessories and go-withs. More than enough to fill an entire room.

The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory

Priced Nostalgia Press
What a fun book for My Little Pony collectors! Hundreds of photos, checklists broken down by year/series and complete descriptions of sets, make this a book that every My Little Pony collector or seller needs to have on their bookshelf.

Summer Hayes' My Little Pony Collection

Summer Hayes
Summer Hayes collects all three generations and currently has over 1800 different. Here are a few of her favorites, including the Holy Grail for collectors - Rapunzel.

The 2003 Return of My Little Pony

From Habro:
This treasured brand has been lovingly updated and returns with an extensive line of products that enable little girls everywhere to create their own magical MY LITTLE PONY world where fun and friendship reign.

Pricing Guidelines for Ponies

What are G1, G2 and G3 ponies worth? Veronica gives a rough estimate on what you should expect to pay.

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