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Sports Memorabilia Prices and Resources


Interested in collecting sports memorabilia? If you've considered it, you're probably already a big fan and lean towards a particular sport. The problem is, what to collect?

There are numerous different categories and collectors can specialize in a particular team, player or sport. Categories can include:

  • Autographed Items: Baseballs, Cards, Ephemera
  • Game Used Equipment
  • Antique Equipment: Old Golf Clubs, Baseball Gloves
  • Sports Cards: Individual Players, Complete Sets
  • Novelty Items: Bobble Heads
  • Action Figures: McFarlane, Starting Line Up
  • Sports Artwork: Posters, Prints, Originals
  • Awards: Rings, Trophies

Baseball Memorabilia

Baseball is more than a sport, it's a way of bringing families back together, remembering the days when games were affordable, remembering when summer practices took up many evenings and when fall meant more than Halloween -- it was playoff time! Perhaps that's one of the reasons why people love to collect baseball related memorabillia.

Olympic Memorabila

Start with pins, graduate to medals, posters, torches or one of a dozen other collectibles that commemorate the Olympics.

Fishing Tackle, Lures and Reels

Collecting fishing tackle is not a leisurely pastime! Lure collectors are passionate about their hobby and the prices prove it. Find out more about these interesting collectibles and find out what's worth the big bucks!

Horse Racing

When I think of Horse Racing collectibles -- the Kentucky Derby is what comes to mind, but of course there's much more than that!

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