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Santa Claus
Barbara Crews
Antique Santas are very collectible as evidenced by the prices at antique shows and shops. It pays to do a little research if you are looking for the very old pieces. Some of the materials used to make the antique Santas include bits of cotton batting, paper-mache, chenille, twigs and die cut scraps. There are also old glass light bulbs, tin toys and blown glass ornaments. These are being reproduced, with and without the intent to deceive, so be sure and know what you are purchasing if you are trying to buy an older piece. If the piece you are looking at is marked old, but looks in remarkable condition, beware! Although vintage Santas can be found in excellent condition, they are rare and extremely pricey. These materials did not stand up well over the years.

Many companies are selling wonderful vintage-look pieces these days. They have the look many collectors are after, but do not have the high price and are certainly worth adding to your collection. Again, do your homework before spending big bucks and make sure you are not paying vintage prices for a new item.

"Tacky" Plastic Santas Collecting. . .
My favorite category of Santa Claus was most popular in the fifties and early sixties and usually sold for around a dollar or two. Some of these were made as candy holders, to hold artificial flowers, or just as decoration to put on top of the TV. They were inexpensive to begin with and are still fairly affordable to collect. Although these vintage Santas are a far cry from the beautiful Lenox, Waterford and Lladro figures, they have a certain charm all their own. Look for these at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and, of course, online.

Santas are made in as many different ways as there are collectors to collect them. If you are new to collecting Santas, it can be very confusing knowing which ones to buy or look for. Take your time, look around and see what really appeals to both you and your wallet. Remember, as in all collecting, let your heart do the talking and you will always be happy with your collectibles.

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