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St. Nicholas, Santa Claus,

Santa -- everyone's favorite guy is covered extensively on the Internet. Check out some of our links and articles to find out more about collecting Santa Claus.
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Collecting Santa Claus
If you're a Santa collector, it's not just about figures. There are numerous ways to collect the chubby guy or in the case of vintage Santas, the stern-faced St. Nick. Toys, paper, pottery, fabric, metal, chalkware, glass or plastic, he's been produced in just about every material there is.

Collecting Chalkware Santas from Vaillancourt
For over twenty five years, the Vaillancourt family has been making Santas. The recipe is simple, take an historic collection of chocolate moulds, add an apparent love of the holidays, involve the entire family and the results are apparent.

Antique, Vintage and Plastic Santa Claus Figures
Antique Santas are very collectible as evidenced by the prices at antique shows and shops. It pays to do a little research if you are looking for the very old pieces. Some of the materials used to make the antique Santas include bits of cotton batting, paper mache, chenille, twigs and die cut scraps. There are also old glass light bulbs, tin toys and blown glass ornaments.

Krampus, Companion of St. Nicholas
Krampus -- the evil spirit accompanies St. Nicholas on his special day. He brings new meaning to "you better be good".

Zwarte Piet
Sinterklass is pictured as whimsical or mean, depending on the artist. What you need to know is that he is a popular figure in the Netherlands during the holidays.

Bethany Lowe Designs
Terrific vintage-look pieces for every holiday, I was particularly excited with the Halloween designs. The collection of reproduction Halloween was well researched and nicely done. It should appeal to collectors of both vintage and new Halloween folk art. Vintage Halloween is rapidly becoming out of reach for many collectors and the Bethany Lowe collection can easily satisfy the "need" for the vintage look, but at very affordable prices.

Pipka Collectibles
Find out more about Pipka and the wonderful Santas she creates.

The Story of St. Nicholas
The Story and Legend of St Nicholas as told through an 1873 article on Christmas.

Coca-Cola Santa Celebrates 75 Years
Coca-Cola Santa Celebrates 75 Years

Collecting Santas -- Old World Style Belsnickle
As a long-time Santa collector, I am always looking for something unusual. This beaded tapestry not only is different, it's beautiful and might inspire me to even try my hand at beading.

My Vintage (and Tacky) Santa Wreath
From your Collectibles Guide -- What I did with all those little Santas I kept finding at flea markets and garage sales.

Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel - ...
It doesn't matter how what you call him, he is still revered by children all over the world. And everyone is still a child when it comes to Santa Claus and Christmas collectibles. Santa Museums and even a town named Santa Claus pay homage to our favorite person. Many collectors display their Santa collections year-round, and why not, it certainly makes a happy home when Santa can smile at you everytime you walk into a room.

Snow and Children, You can Never have Enough at Christmas!
Learn about Elaine Roesle and her snow children and St Nicholas Collection

Christmas Collecting: Thomas Kinkade Night Before Christmas Sleigh
Thomas Kinkade Night Before Christmas Sleigh from the Bradford Exchange

"A Town called Santa Claus"
Another Roadside America great article.

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