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Resource Index and Glossaries

Find out more about your collectibles, markings, indexes and glossaries to help you figure out just what you have.

Company Index for Pottery, Collectibles, Artists and Related Companies
Company Index for Pottery, Collectibles, Artists and Related Companies Arranged Alphabetically

History of the Fenton Logo
Logo sketches from the past twenty years of Fenton Marks

Glossary of Hobby Words
Do you know the proper names for the different collectors and what they collect? Take a look at this Glossary.

More Hobby Words to Describe Collectors
Michael Sheehan, author of the Word Parts Dictionary is helping collectors come up with a correct way to invent a word describing their passion. Sheehan was kind enough to share the following words he has "invented" for collectors and associations.

US Patent Index
Printable list of U.S. Patent numbers and dates issued, along with patent pages of collectibles that can be printed for reference.

Antique Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Terms
An extensive glossary of terms on Antique Chinese pottery and porcelain from Gotheborg.com.

Beanie Babies -- Tags
Have a question about a tush tag or the heart tag? Ms. Janie explains what the different generations.

Enamel -- Terms & Processes
A nice article by Pamela Barrett explaining the difference in Enamels -- on the American Hatpin Society website.

Identifying and Dating Your Fisher Price Toy
An excellent resource to help your figure out what you have and when it was produced.

Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks
Silvercollecting.com provides an excellent resource for collectors.

Tea Leaf Motifs
From the excellent resources of the Tea Leaf Club, illustrations of different decorative designs. From the Tea Leaf website "Strictly speaking, Tea Leaf is considered to be any English or American ironstone china decorated with the traditional Tea Leaf motif consisting of three leaves and a bud in copper or gold lustre."

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