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Research Patent Number


When you come across an item that has a patent number, find out more by researching the patent. It can be fascinating to find out who designed the item or maybe when it was designed and sometimes it's interesting to just find out the original purpose!

  • Go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office online
  • Next go to Patent Search
  • Then go to the Patent Search Link.
  • In the Query box, put the number to be researched. Most of the ones found on products are the Design number -- so be sure put a "D" before the number
  • Many of the older patents will have the descriptions only on the image pages, so click on that link when the patent comes up.
  • If it's a interseting piece, it can be fun to buy a copy of the patent (for $3.) and keep it with the item.

Note: If you just want to find out when something was patented, print out the patent numbers by year.

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