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Miniature and Doll House Price / Value Guides


Take a peek into the tiny world of miniatures. The pieces may be small, but the prices can be big. Although many of these pieces are for the serious collector, it's always fun to see what's sold and how much it went for.

Marklin Gazebo

A hand-painted tin gazebo made by Marklin, sold in April 2008.

Mount Pleasant Doll House

A replica of an 18th century house in Philadelphia, this dollhouse was on display at the famed Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum for 10 years.

du Point Dining Room Model

Designed by Jean Austin du Pont, this exquisite scale model was sold by her estate and then bought back by her granddaughter!

Old Woman in the Show -- Miniatures

Antique nursery rhyme set in box, Phillip Segal Toys' Old Woman in the Shoe sold by Christie's Auction House, December 2005.

Million Dollar Doll House

At the time of these images the doll house did not sell. But I think it's fun to see just what a doll house valued at a million dollars looks like.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Britains

An excellent set of Britains miniatures still in the box was sold by Christie's in December 2005.

Salvation Army Band Figures

An excellent set of Salvation Army figures from Britains, sold for well over the pre-estimate price.

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