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Prices Realized: Shirley Temple Dolls


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Prices Realized: Shirley Temple Dolls
According to the Official Price Guide to Dolls by About Guide Denise Van Patten, Shirley Temple dolls can be considered the starting point for the cult of celebrity that developed in the 20th century. "Shirley Temple hit the market in 1934, and no celebrity dolls before or since have captured the imagination of the doll-buying public in the same way."

Prices Realized:

  • 13" Composition Shirley Temple Doll from the 1930s
    Dress in stowaway outfit. Needs to be restrung, but otherwise in excellent condition.

  • 35" Ideal Shirley Temple doll from the 1960s.
    Overall excellent condition except for age discoloration on hands and marks on legs.

  • 13" Composition Shirley Temple Doll
    Dressed in blue bolero-style dress. Doll has some crazing.

  • 1957 12" Ideal Shirley Temple in light blue dress
    Doll is in the original box, has original pin and is in perfect condition.

  • Fairy Tale Heroine Series -- Little Red Riding Hood Shirley Temple Doll
    Still attached to box and in mint condition.
  • Red Cross Nurse from Danbury Mint
    17" Porcelain doll in mint condition.

  • Baby Take a Bow from the Danbury Mint Shirley Temple Classics Movies Series
    10" doll in mint condition with original packing.
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