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Prices Realized: Shirley Temple Dolls


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Ideal 1957 Shirley Temple Doll
Prices Realized: Shirley Temple Dolls

Shirley Temple Doll

Courtesy of eBay Seller HSGlobal
From her cute dimples to golden curly hair, a Shirley Temple doll will always make you smile and isn't that what collecting is all about?

This doll, in perfect condition, saw spirited bidding on eBay and finally sold for $1525. The winning bidder started bidding on the first day and hung in there to win the auction!

From the auction description:

  • Mint in the Box vintage Shirley Temple doll
  • 15" tall and still attached to card in the box
  • Completely original
  • Auction includes the original 1957 sales receipt for $5.99
Image Courtesy of eBay Seller HSGLOBAL

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