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Christensen Agate Swirl Marble


Christensen Agate Swirl Marble

Christensen Agate Swirl Marble

  • Size: 5/8"
  • Auction House: Morphy Auctions
  • Sale Date: March 2009
  • Pre-auction Estimate: $100.-$200.
  • Sold Price: $351.*

Interested in collecting marbles? Judith Miller in Buy, Keep or Sell? suggests looking for solitaire boards, avoiding marbles such as Cat's Eyes that were mass-produced after the 1960s and look for the original packaging.

From Morphy's Auctions:
A full house and a noticeable influx of new bidders contributed to a grand total in excess of $1.4 million in Morphy Auctions’ March 5-7 Early Spring Sale.

The number of collectors pursuing marbles only seems to increase with each sale, according to Morphy. “Marbles are hot, period,” he said. “They’re small and easy to display, and each is an individual work of art. There seems to be strength at all price points in this category. The bidders were there across the board – low, medium and high levels – and it’s a very positive sign that there were around 10 major new players at the top end.”

*Include 17% Buyers Premium

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