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Tin Sand Pail Prices


Tin Sand Pails are a hot collectible, with many selling for many hundreds of dollars, especially those in excellent condition.

It's also important to note that in the case of online auctions, such as the ones below, prices can give an idea of values, but it's not unusual to find the same item selling in wide price ranges. A lot depends on description, pictures, time of auction and a bit of luck! A bidding war never hurts, in that case it's no-holds barred on the prices.

Shown are a selection of sand pails sold on eBay, Fall 2002.

Generic Design w/shovel, 4" tall Ohio Art 152.
Popeye at the Beach, full color 157.
Jack & Jill, two colors 161.
English Pail w/children graphics 43.
Disney Three Little Pigs, 4.25" Ohio Art 150.
Sea Side Pail w/shovel Converse 616.
Sand Pail Set
inc. box w/tools
Ohio Art 585.
Rosie O'Neil Kewpies Pail, 4.5" 393.
Disney Multi-Characters (1938) 380.
Children on Swing Ohio Art 260.
Three Little Pigs (not Disney) Chein 150.

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