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Toy Collectible Price Guides

As with any of the price guides listed on this site, use at your own discretion. Validity of these guides are not guaranteed and prices may or may not be accurate. Remember that GUIDE is the keyword and no PRICE GUIDE is absolute.
  1. Action/Superhero Figures (9)
  2. Antique/Tin Toy Prices (11)
  3. Cars,Trains & Planes Prices (7)
  4. Hoppy, Roy and Lone Ranger (5)
  5. Lunch Boxes (2)
  6. PEZ Price Guides (4)
  7. Strawberry, Pony, CareBears (5)
  8. Urban Vinyl (2)

A - Z Prices Online: TOYS
Toy Price Guides online -- Find out what it's worth or sold for.

Antique and Tin Toys Price and Value Guides
Vintage tin toys can be pricey to downright expensive. Find out more about the prices of these amazing and rare antique toys.

Computer Games
Handheld and table-top computer games are not that old, but they are certainly collectible. Find out what they're worth from this sampling of prices.

Crayola Identification and Price Guide
An pictorial identification and price guide for Crayola collectible tins.

Museum of Advertising Icons
This online icon museum is devoted to those little characters created specifically for advertising, but many have become loved for themselves, not just the products they represent.

Diecast Vehicle Auction Prices
A look back at some prices for diecast vehicles sold at online auctions, both on eBay and at live online auctions.

Fisher Price Little People
A listing of Fisher Price toys by product number. Some items include suggested values.

G.I. Joe Pictures and Prices
Prices and Values for G.I. Joe Collectibles

Howdy Doody Collectibles
Over fifty years ago this show was one of the most popular TV programs. It ran for over 2300 episodes and had a profound effect on the kids of the fifties.

Howdy Doody Pictures and Prices
Find out what those vintage Howdy doody collectibles have been selling for online.

Marble Pictures and Prices
Glass marbles are hot collectibles, just check out these prices!

Morphy's Antique Toy Auctions
toys boat train marble collecting antique toys

Mosby & Co Toy Auction
Mosby & Co.’s May 15 debut auction ha

Potato Head Price Guide
It may be a little hard to read, but this lengthy list of Mr. Potato Head prices and products was surprising. It was surprising because of the numerous products listed! This is a text list, broken down by decades.

Price Guides and Prices Realized: Ronald McDonald Collectibles
Ronald McDonald is another one of my picks for the top ten advertising icons for Collectors! Instantly recognizable to kids world-wide, Ronald McDonald is more than a smiling face.

Price Guides: Doll House and Miniature Value Guides

Take a peek into the tiny world of miniatures! The pieces may be small, but the prices can be big!

Smurfs Online
Smurf figures and molds, includes high and low prices. Pictures included.

Stawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Care Bear Value Guides
Child of the 1980s? These are your toys -- My Little Pony, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and collectibles. Find out more about their values and auction prices.

Television Toys and Character Value Guides
Want to know what your old treasures might be worth? Prices realized for toys such as Hopalong Cassidy, Howdy Doody, He-Man, Batman and the Dukes of Hazzards have price and value guides online.

Toy Collectibles Price and Value Guides
Toy Collectible price and value guides for miscellaneous modern toys.

Toys: Howdy Doody Memorabilia -- Prices and Values
Find out what toys sold for at online auctions and via online price guides. Prices realized for Howdy Doody and the character toys from his show. Both vintage and newer items are shown. See what your Howdy Doody treasures might be worth

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