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Nile Kinnick Autograph


Nile Kinnick Autograph
  • From R&R Auction:
    No player in college football history meant more to a whole state than Nile Kinnick meant to Iowa becoming its most popular hero and is still today its most revered icon. Following his Iowa career, in which he won the Heisman trophy, Kinnick chose to go to law school and join the Naval Air Corps Reserve. On June 2, 1943, while flying a routine training mission in the Gulf of Paria, his plane suddenly developed a serious oil leak. Since landing on board would have endangered many lives, Nile instead decided to ditch at sea. No trace of him or his plane was ever found.
  • Size: Vintage pencil signature, "Nile Kinnick, Iowa City, Iowa University, Left Halfback" on an off-white 5 x 3 page, dated January 17, 1940.
  • Minimum Bid: $200.
  • Date: March 2006
  • Sold Price: $7,259.00*
Source: R&R Auctions

*Includes buyer premium

Autographs, autographed baseballs and photographs were hot in the March 2006 online auction from R&R Enterprises. Bidding was heavy on many of the items, as evidenced by the beginning/minimum bids as compared to the final price realized.

Shown are a sampling of items sold.

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