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Basketball Memorabilia Auction Prices


An assortment of Basketball Memorabilia sold over the past few years, including the highest price yet paid for a piece of sports memorabilia. No, it's not a Honus Wagner card! Who said it's hard to get a Championship ring? You really can buy one -- at an auction.
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Miami Heat NBA Championship RingDr. J's Virginia Squires ABA JerseyNaismith's Basketball RulesLakers Championship Ring
Wilt Chamberlain JerseyKareem Abdul-Jabbar's JerseyAuerbach/Cousey Autographed BasketballPete Maravich Rookie Jersey
Larry Bird Celtics JerseyBoston Celtics Hall of Famers Multi-Signed BasketballLebron James High School JerseyOscar Robertson Game-Used Jersey
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