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Sports --Online Price Guides

A list of price and identification guides to help with your sports collectibles.
  1. Olympic Memorabilia (6)
  2. Values/Prices: Baseball (6)

O.J. Simpson Sports Memorabilia
]O.J. Simpson had it all -- he was famous for winning the Heisman Trophy* in 1968, for his college football records at USC and his prowess as a professional football player for the Buffalo Bills. After football he was successful with an acting career, TV commentator and as a commercial spokesman for several companies.

Hot Prices for Sports Memorabilia
Find out what was hot in the eBay Sports Memorabilia Categories, shown are prices paid and the month they were sold.

Prices Realized: Nile Kinnick Autograph
An amazing price for Iowa State's Nile Kinnick.

Antique Lures
Although this is not technically a price guide, it shows the prices the author is willing to pay for old fishing lures and boxes.

Beckett Price Guides
Paid subscription service includes online price guides, as well as print publications.

Golf for All Ages
Collectible golf equipment

Kentucky Derby Glasses
Price guides for Kentucky Derby glasses.

Sports card auctions, prices realized.

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