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Frankoma DEM and GOP Mugs


Frankoma DEM and GOP Mugs

2008 GOP and DEM Mugs

Frankoma Pottery

Frankoma Political mugs have been a mainstay of the Frankoma line since the late 1960s. The GOP Elephant mugs that is, the Donkey mugs didn't show up until 1975 a few years after the death of founder John Frank. Why? He was a staunch Republican and produced the first mugs in 1968 as a fund raiser for the Republican Party. 1969 saw the actual start of the series of GOP mugs.

The DEM Donkey mugs were designed by Joniece Frank and didn't make their first appearance until 1975.

Non-inaugural years are just dated, but starting in 1977, the year the president is sworn into office, the mug from the appropriate party has the president and vice-president's names on the mug.

Starting in 2005, Frankoma produced both party's mugs with their nominees names on it, with the "losers" production limited to 500 pieces.

Prices and Values for Frankoma Political Mugs

  • 1968 - $25-$35
  • GOP 1969-1974 - $15-$25
  • 1974 Nixon/Ford - $500 - $800*
  • 1975-Present - $5-$20
*Limited edition made for Republican Women's Organization

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