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Pottery/Porcelain Price Guides

A list of price and identification guides for pottery and porcelain collectibles.
  1. Teapot Prices Online (8)

Collecting Fiesta
The bright clear colors have always drawn me to Fiesta, the older pieces can be quite costly, but that shouldn't stop one from starting out small.

Collecting Spongeware and Spatterware Earthenware

Frankoma Pottery Prices and Values
Frankoma Pottery has had it's ups and downs in business, but 75 years later it's still around with a new owner with new visions for the historical company.

19th Century Water Jug
Sold in April 2007 M. Woodruff Cortland mark.

Pottery (broken) Tiled Flower Pots
Save your broken pottery and create a new treasure with flower pots like these.

Knowles Mixing Bowls
Flea market prices and pictures.

Rare Glass and Pottery, Hot Prices on eBay
One of the more interesting things eBay USED to do, was provide what was "hot" during the previous month. Because these lists and information are still relevant for those wanting to know what something sold for, the lists have been condensed to an easier to use format. This page is for listings from America Brilliant to Loetz

Online Prices Realized: Frankoma Pottery
Prices realized for Frankoma pottery online auctions

Wedgwood Imperial Bowl - brings $1550
An eBay seller from Jamaica Plain, Mass., recently sold a rare Wedgwood Imperial bowl on eBay.

Boehm Porcelain Secondary Market Values
Check the official company site for information about secondary market pieces and to help find information on pricing your porcelain.

Bradford Exchange
Enter the plate names and a current price listing, along with original price, is shown. Collector Glass News A small, but handy listing of character and advertising glass prices.

The Frankoma Family Collectors Association has listings of various product prices. This link is for the Christmas plate, but check the index on the left side for more products and prices.

Gonder Pottery
From The Gonder Museum, click on a series to see pictures, size, description and values. Great resource for pottery collectors!

Midwinter Pottery Directory
A listing of various pottery patterns and prices the items sold for on various auctions.

Piggy Bank Page
A very resourceful site for bank collectors, prices are given in U.K. currency for banks from Britain.

Roycroft Copper
Online price guide with good pictures and interesting facts.

Match Your China, Savage's Guide
Quite an extensive resource with over 1000 images presented here to help identify china patterns.

the-forum Prices Realized
the-forum lists prices that pottery items have sold for on their site. A good reference for miscellaneous plates, bowls and vases.

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