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Free Online Price Guides for Collectibles


Want to know what something is worth? Check out this list of price and value guides on the Collectibles web site.

NOTE: As with all price and value guides, except in the case of auction prices shown, these are subjective lists and the opinions of the authors. But the bottom line is it only takes two people to set a value -- a seller and a buyer!

  1. Advertising - Black Memorabilia
  2. Entertainment Memorabilia
  3. Glass
  4. Holidays/Religious
  5. Miscellaneous - Everything Else
  6. Pins - Political - Historical
  1. Pottery/Porcelain/Kitchenware
  2. Paper - Ephemera
  3. Sports
  4. Toys - A-L
  5. Toys - M-Z

Advertising - Black Memorabilia

Planters Peanuts Bank

Bordens to the Pillsbury Doughboy, advertising has always appealed to collectors. From the antique tins ad paper advertising of the past to the newer premiums offered today by companies, it's all collectible.

Entertainment Memorabilia

beatles photograph

Elvis and the Beatles -- Were you lucky enough to stash some stuff in the closet from the start of these entertainment icons? If so, enjoy the values today!


Blenko Vase

Learn more about collecting glass from Fenton to Promotional glass pieces.


Rudolph Sheet Music

Who would have thought that a cost saving measure in 1939 would spawn the huge industry and collectibles market that exists today for Santa's favorite reindeer, Rudolph! The original pieces can still be found at reasonable prices, but if those are out of your reach, the multitude of newer pieces are quite affordable.

Miscellaneous - Everything Else

Doesn't fit the above categories? It must be here! Antique tool pictures from the weekly Mystery Antique of the Week postings, strange kitchen items and other stuff that really doesn't fit elsewhere.

Pins - Political - Historical

Political Pins

Serious political collectors usually collect for an investment, but you can still collect on a budget and have fun with political and presidential memorabilia. As with most collections -- prices can range from just a few bucks for paper items such as postcards to thousands of dollars for antique presidential items


Old Woman Teapot

Teapots are both collectible and functional, modern and antique. Teapots will fit the budget of any collector, it all depends on what piques your interest.

Paper - Ephemera

Al Capone Arrest Record

It's always amazing how much interest there is in something almost eighty years old, something as simple as an arrest record. But add the name Al Capone and the interest level soars.


Babe Ruth Baseball

Interested in collecting sports memorabilia? Have a few autographed balls stuck in the closet? Want to know what they're worth? check out this list of sold prices from around the Internet.

Toys - A-L

Marx Rocket Fighter

The prices in this category are wide ranging -- from a dollar or two for a contemporary advertising tin, to the many hundreds of dollars for an antique toy.

Toys - M-Z

Onion Skin Marble

Ask dealers what's hot and the answer is Marbles, Marbles, Marbles! These little pieces of glass can sell for thousands of dollars - don't believe it? Take a look!

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