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Sad Iron Pictures and Prices


What is a Sad Iron?
From the Library of Congress - The History of Household Technology:
"Women of the time undoubtedly would have been using a "sad iron" to press their families' clothes. One meaning of sad in nineteenth century dictionaries was "heavy." Although many of these irons were small, they were very heavy. When sad irons were heated near an open fire or on the stove, their handles became red hot. Women tried wrapping aprons or towels around the handles, but still burned their fingers. Mary F. Potts endeared herself to countless women when she patented a much lighter sad iron with a detachable wooden handle."

Shown are a few unusual sad irons used throughout the years.

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Miniature Swan IronMiniature Machine FluterMiniature Rocker FluterMiniature Oval Cap Iron
All Cast Smoother Dragon Charcoal IronCrown Plaiter -- Sad IronBrass Box IronBrass Box Iron
SlickenstoneSleeve IronSleeve IronRolling Hand FluterRolling Hand FluterGoffering IronGoffering Iron
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