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Jeweled Bird Saccharin Holder


Jeweled Bird Saccharin Holder
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This was part of the Mystery Antique of the Week series.

Saccharin tablets or pills were popular condiments on kitchen tables. Although Saccharin has been in use for over 100 years, it was the two World Wars and sugar rationing that caused the popularity of the low calorie sweetener to soar.

Saccharin was available in tiny tablets or pills, hence the need for a way to keep it handy. Small saccharin holders were made in many shapes and figures. They most often came with equally miniature tongs or spoons to pick up the tablets for use in coffees and teas. A magnet would be attached inside the box to keep the tongs handy.

Common shapes include ornate decorative pieces with no discernible designs, tiny silver covered dishes, animals, mushrooms and lots and lots of birds!

Many of these vintage holders can be found for well under $25.

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 1.5" wide
  • Circa: 1950s
  • Values: $25.

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