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Morphy's August 2009 auction includes over 3000 lots covering the gamut of antiques and collectibles. 800 dolls, doorstops, coins, over 220 Kentucky rifles, toys, jewelry and more. Shown in this gallery is a selection of the 180 mechanical and 80 still examples.

From Morphy's: "Most of the mechanicals are from the late Oscar Ryder’s collection, led by a Turtle bank estimated at $40,000-$50,000. Others include a beautiful Butting Buffalo, Confectionary, Circus and Panorama banks, each estimated at $15,000-$20,000. “Mr. Ryder was a condition-only buyer, so they’re all of a high grade,” said Morphy."

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Cast Iron Dentist Mechanical BankCast Iron Uncle Sam Mechanical BankCast Iron Boy Scout Camp Mechanical BankCast Iron Clown on Globe Mechanical Bank
Cast Iron Cat BankCast Iron Puppo BankCast Iron William Tell Mechanical BankCast Iron Turning Owl Mechanical Bank
Cast Iron Turtle Mechanical BankCast Iron Mammy with Spoon BankCast Iron Punch & Judy Mechanical BankCast Iron Betsy Ross Mechanical Bank
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