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Collectible and Antique Price Guides Online

Numerous collectible and antique categories are listed, but always remember Price Guides are not infallible. Don't use these guides as a Bible, but rather as a starting point to find out more about the values of your treasures.
  1. Advertising (15)
  2. Animals (18)
  3. Bear and Plush Guides (12)
  4. Cards / Comic Guides (37)
  5. Christmas /Chanukah Guides (20)
  6. Collectibles/ Miscellaneous (0)
  7. Cookie Jar Price Guides (21)
  8. Disney Price Guides (16)
  9. Doll Price Guides (6)
  10. Entertainment (52)
  11. Figures Price Guide (8)
  12. General Guides (10)
  13. Glass (13)
  14. Halloween (14)
  15. Miscellaneous Guides (22)
  16. Paper/Ephemera (8)
  17. Pin Price Guides (4)
  18. Political Historical Prices (9)
  19. Pottery Porcelain (27)
  20. Sports Guides (22)
  21. TIAS Top Tens (22)
  22. Toy Guides (74)

A to Z Price Guide Index
Use this index to find just where your collectibles are listed. Scroll through the alphabetical list of prices/values/post auction listings.

About WorthPoint -- WorthPoint Price Guide
About WorthPoint -- WorthPoint Price Guide

Libraries Offer PriceMiner
Four additional library consortia now offer PriceMiner by GoAntiques.com (www.GoAntiques.com) as a research tool for member libraries to choose when helping patrons

Share Your Best Antique and Collectible Treasure Finds
Share Your Best Antique and Collectible Treasure Finds See submissions

What's It Worth?
Find out what these collectibles were valued at by Antique Roadshow Appraisers.

Learn more about Lofty!
A new game is in town for both buyers and sellers of high-end collectibles and antiques.

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