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Aluminum Trees, What are they worth?


Aluminum Trees, What are they worth?

Two vintage/one new aluminum tree

Barb Crews
Updated October 02, 2013
Aluminum Trees. You either love them or hate them, but there is no denying their popularity among those who want the retro look or just those who collect vintage Christmas.

The aluminum Christmas trees first appeared on the scene in the 1950s, a patent shown here is dated 1959. The patent shows how the branches were inserted into the tree trunk, as well as how the aluminum pieces were constructed.

Aluminum trees were made in several different colors, silver is the most popular and affordable. Gold is also fairly affordable, but when looking for other colors -- prices can rise dramatically.

When purchasing a tree online, be sure it comes with all the paper sleeves to protect the branches, otherwise you will be in for a hard time constructing it and keeping the feathery strands in perfect condition.

Shown are prices realized found on eBay and through PriceMiner.

  • Carey – McFall Co 7' tree w/colorwheel and stand
  • Starlite 7', stand not included
  • Silverline 7' pom pom tree w/color wheel and stand
  • Canadian Spangle Fairyland 7.5' Tree, 121 branches w/color wheel
  • Tomar Artic Star 7'*
  • Sparkler 6' pom pom tree, original box
  • Consolidated Novelty Tree 49"
  • Carey – McFall Co. 8' tree w/233 branches
  • Evergleam Deluxe 8' tree
  • Evergleam 8' Tree w/color wheel*
  • Evergleam 6' tree


  • Evergleam 4' Pink Aluminum Tree
  • Noma 4' Pink tree, with original box/sleeves
  • Evergleam 5' Pink Aluminum Tree

Miscellaneous Colors

  • Evergleam 6' Gold tree
  • Evergleam 6' Bluefrost Aluminum Christmas Tree
  • Carey – McFall Co. 7.5' tree w/red and green pom poms and tree stand
  • 8' Evergleam "Blue Frost" 8' w/stand

* Found on PriceMiner

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Note: Online auctions are not always a true measure of value as many factors can contribute to the final price. Some things that can affect prices realized would be month, day and time of auction, category item is listed in, quality and number of pictures shown, and the accuracy of the description.

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