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Red Rose Premiums
Running out of room for your collections? How about one that takes little room, is very affordable, has lots of history behind them and best of all, they're fun and fascinating. What am I talking about? Red Rose Tea Premiums!

Canada's Red Rose Tea started distributing tiny Wade pieces, known as Whimsies, in 1967 as a way of helping their declining sales. One piece was put into each box of Red Rose Tea Bags. The first set of twelve animals proved to be extremely popular. So, just a few months later, the set was increased to thirty-two animals. According to Wade Whimsical Collectables the majority of this animal set was later released as English Whimsies and several of the pieces were used in promotions for other companies.

The second issue of miniatures was done in the seventies and known as the Miniature Nurseries. Twenty-four nursery rhymes were depicted. The Gingerbread Man and one version of the Queen of Hearts appear to be the most valuable pieces, selling in the $40. range on the secondary market. Most of the other pieces range from $7. - $20.

Several other sets have been done since then, most were different species of animals. Some of these sets were available only as mail-in premiums and the first set of animals was later reissued with slight variations in the colors.

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