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Because McCoy Pottery was one of the most prolific pottery companies in the 20th century most new collectors think if it's marked USA it must be McCoy. Not so! Find out more about through the McCoy Pottery Resource guide.

The McCoy Pottery Company

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Although the history behind the name McCoy and Pottery starts much earlier than 1910, that was the year when J.W. McCoy formed a new, separate company with son Nelson McCoy. The company was called the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company and it was this company that lasted through most of the twentieth century.

The Real McCoys: Is it Authentic or is it a Fake?

McCoy and Cookie Jars go together and because they do, many unscrupulous sellers try to take advantage of collectors. This is especially prevalent through Internet sales when buyers think they are bidding or purchasing an authentic jar from the real McCoy company.

The Story Behind the New McCoy

Reproductions. What other word can cause more anxiety in the hearts of collectors? New collectors are usually the ones that are deceived by the new-old jars. But some reproductions are so good that they can fool even the longtime collector. How do you protect yourself? Easy, E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N! Read everything you can, browse auctions, ask questions, measure and don't pay big bucks if you are unsure.

McCoy Pictures and Prices

A selection of pictures and prices of McCoy cookie jar, including the $2000. Clown in Barrel jar!

Brush-McCoy Cookie Jars, No Such Thing!

Brush-McCoy Cookie Jars -- there is no such thing! Although Brush and McCoy were one company for a few years, they went their own ways in 1925 and during the few years they were "together" no cookie jars were made. McCoy Pottery made cookie jars and Brush made cookie jars, but it was only after the two companies went their own ways.

McCoy Cookie Jar List

A list of the known figural REAL McCoy cookie jars. Because of the large number of crocks, cylinders, and teapot shapes, those jars are not shown. They are usually not reproduced.

Billie and Nelson McCoy

Several years ago I had the chance to meet the McCoys, Nelson is a very delightful and personable speaker! Nelson told of the history of the factory, how design ideas were conceived and explained some jar making processes.

Not McCoy, But They Say So!

These jars have been found marked or advertised with a McCoy mark, they are not the REAL McCoy. These jars are copies of jars from other companies or ceramic mold jars. The makers mark them McCoy, taking advantage of the popularity of the company

McCoy Marks

A selection of marks, including a few fake marks, are shown on the bottom of McCoy pottery items.

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