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Hippo Cookie Jar


Hippo Cookie Jar

Abingdon Hippo Jar

  • Size: Approximately 8" high
  • Values: $326.*
*eBay sold price: December 2006

This picture was submitted by Laura in the quest to find more information about the jar. The following is her question and the answer by Nancy Legate, noted authority on Abingdon Potteries.

From Laura: Wondering if you can help me attach an approximate value to an Abingdon cookie jar. It's a hippo jar, in perfect condition. What makes it unique, so far as I can tell, is that it is done in the "gunmetal" finish. The jar is about 8" tall and 5" across at the bottom.

From Nancy Legate:
Yes, I would say this is an Abingdon Hippo jar. It should be measured to see if it's a reproduction -jar should be 8" high and 7" deep. The #549 is correct, but since it is not the typical embossed number, my intuition/guess would be that someone did this as a "lunch-box special." If you notice, it has a nice, clean edging to it, which is also typical of Abingdon pieces. The finish is one of the rarer or less common ones, gunmetal black finish. Normally, it should bring the value of this jar up. This is a nice piece to have!

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Things to Consider When Valuing Cookie Jars:

  1. The best investment for your cookie jar collection is a price guide or book that has markings and measurements.
  2. These prices and guesstimates are for jars in excellent condition.
  3. Cracks, chips and paint loss will all detract from the overall value of a jar. And could, depending on the severity, devalue the jar by as much as 75%.
  4. A badly damaged jar is worth very little, unless it is a very rare one that is worth restoring.
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