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Pottery Companies

Find out more about Pottery companies online. Pottery collector clubs and resources for collectors of Pottery.
  1. McCoy Pottery (9)

Who's Who in California Pottery Companies, Part II
The list of California Potteries numbers well over 1000, this list helps with a short brief on some of the more popular ones from I to Z

Who's Who in California Pottery Companies
Learning more about California Potteries from A to H

The Star Jar History
In 1993, Peter Gemmi founded Star Jars. Gemmi came from the Fine Arts Industry, and brought a wealth of information to the fledgling company by utilizing his expertise in collectibles.

Brush Pottery
As with many early pottery companies the lineage can be a bit at confusing at times. George Brush worked at J. W. McCoy Pottery in 1909, he later became a partner in the Brush-McCoy Pottery when it was founded in 1911. In 1925 the two companies separated and went their own ways.

A is for Abingdon
The ABC's of Cookie Jars starts with Abingdon links, resources and clipart. Fan of this vintage pottery, check out the stuff here!

Alfano Pottery
Well known for their artist jars, the company is no longer in existence.

American Bisque
American Bisque Pottery Company Profile

Brush Pottery
Learn more about Brush and why there is NO such thing as an authentic Brush-McCoy Cookie Jar.

Clay Art
In 1979 Michael Zanfagna and Jenny McClain were teaching at Mission High School in San Francisco, when they decided to build a business of affordable art.

Collecting Indian Pottery
From Collector's Art, an excellent guide to collecting Pueblo Pottery.

Bauer Pottery
An excellent article on the history of The J.A. Bauer Pottery Co. presented by Country Living magazine.

DeForest of California
Deforest of California was in business from 1950 through 1970.

Fitz and Floyd
When it comes to ceramic giftware and products, Fitz and Floyd set the standard a long time ago with quality and design that other companies strive to attain.

Frankoma Pottery's New Owner - Joe Ragosta
Frankoma Pottery is an acquired taste. It's not "pretty" or elaborate, overall the pieces are clean lines and simple details.

Frankoma Pottery
Learn more about Frankoma Pottery -- an American pottery made in Oklahoma and started in 1933.

Cowan Pottery
A fantastic resource for Cowan Pottery collectors and pottery enthusiasts in general! Learn more about the artistry of R. Guy Cowan and his pottery works.

Hall China
The Hall Retail Closet store and information.

Hartstone Pottery
Producers of dinnerware, gift items and cookie jars.

Henry Cavanagh
It might be a little hard to imagine a Hippo wearing a tuxedo or a turban, but that is exactly what Henry Cavanagh imagined and worked on before he started making cookie jars.

Lenox Collections
Since 1889 the vision of Walter Scott.

Louisville Stoneware
The home of some great contemporary pottery pieces. Order their catalog to see their complete line.

McCoy Pottery
McCoy Pottery never patented their designs, which today has opened a floodgate of copycats and fake-makers! The popular company's name is also used to sell auction items, not everything is a McCoy piece. Although it would be hard to prove to sellers.

Metlox Potteries
A look back at Metlox Pottery and the jars they produced.

The history of the Noritake company

The Pfaltzgraff Company official history site.

Purinton Pottery Company
Collecting Purinton Pottery

Red Wing Collectors
If you are interested in Red Wing, be sure to visit here. A lot of work went into making this an informative and helpful link on the internet.

Frank Ransbottom, jobber of stoneware, and started his own company (with his brother) in 1900 to distribute products made locally in Roseville, Ohio.

Roseville Pottery
Roseville Pottery Company was founded around 1890 in Roseville Ohio.

Rowe Pottery
This superb site is enough to make me start a whole new collection. Salt glazed pottery including bowls, accessories and Christmas collectibles are shown here. If you love pottery, this is a must-visit!

Shawnee Pottery
A brief look at the Zanesville Ohio company and the products they made.

The Haeger Pottery Co
The history of this 130 year old company is shown in a timeline on the official site.

The ABC's Of Cookie Jar Collecting
Collecting Abingdon Cookie Jars

Treasure Craft
Treasure Craft was founded in Gardena, California, in 1945 by Alfred A. Levin shortly after his discharge from the United States Navy. He began his business by selling items manufactured by local California potters.

Twin Winton
Learn more about Don Winton and his company Twin Winton.

Wing Tips
Another good reference site for Red Wing cookie jars.

The Vandor Company was formed in 1957 by Ted Van Dorn, a pioneer in the tabletop industry.

Wade Ceramics, Ltd.
The Wade name has been associated with fine pottery since the 1800s. It all started in 1810 with George Wade & Sons, Ltd. Later in the century John Wade started his company, Wade & Co, making teapots and "go-withs". Three of John's nephews later owned and operated potteries under various names and producing assorted products.

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