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Reference Books/ Price Guides for Potteries, Ceramic, Glass

Pottery companies, china ceramics and glass books are listed in this section of the book review category. Although some of these books may no longer be published, they can still be found online through eBay, Amazon and links provided in the articles.

If the book is older, prices may be different than current prices, but the history and marks don't change. They're still worth picking up!

Warman’s McCoy Pottery, 2nd Edition; Identification and Price Guide
McCoy Pottery - Warman’s McCoy Pottery, 2nd Edition

Top Picks in Cookie Jar Books
The best addition to any collection are good resource books, the purchase of a few books is usually less than the cost of the collectible and could save money in the long run. Become informed about your collection, no matter what it is. Cookie jars are no exception, buy a book and find out more about what you're looking for or have found.

Top Picks in McCoy Pottery Books
McCoy collectors have a great variety to pick from. The McCoy books have excellent pictures and resources. With all the reproductions and fakes being sold, McCoy books are a must for the serious collector.

Top Picks in Pottery Books
Price and identification guides can explore the history of a company, show marks and other company resources usually much better than a single web site or two. Although it's difficult for a printed book to have current prices in a time when prices can fluctuate so much, you can still find out the relative values to pieces in the same line.

Warman's Fenton Glass, 2nd Edition
Warman's Fenton Glass

Collector's Guide to Don Winton Designs
Mike Ellis is quietly, but surely helping spearhead a revival of interest in Twin Winton designs and products. I recently had the chance to talk with Ellis about his book Collector's Guide to Don Winton Designs.

Gonder Ceramic Arts: A Comprehensive Guide
Jim & Carol Boshears are affectionately known as the Crazy Couple, spend five minutes with them and it will be apparent why that name fits them perfectly. They are certified appraisers of personal property, Jim is a licensed auctioneer and together they publish The Gonder Collector. As avid collectors of Gonder they felt there was a lack in the market of good information for the collector about the Gonder Pottery and decided to correct it.

Guide Review: The Ultimate Collector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars
The latest offering from Fred and Joyce Roerig is mainly a re-do of their previous books, complete with the same pictures. It was a bit disappointing, I was hoping for more and different pictures of jars from the old established companies, as well as some of exciting pieces from companies such as Vandor and Disney -- these would have been well-received.

Lefton China by Ruth McCarthy
A few years ago Lefton pieces could be found at bargain prices, that is not happening anymore. With the higher prices every time I go to the flea market, I decided to check out a Lefton China book. What a pleasant surprise this one was.

PY/Miyao Fun Kitchen Collectibles
Finally a book that really explains who's behind the 'Made In Japan' stamp found on our vintage ceramic pieces. Lefton, E.S.D., NAPCO, Enesco, Mikasa -- if you're a collector of any of these company products, just go ahead and buy the book now. You'll eventually get it and you might as well start enjoying the PY/Miyao book now

The Complete Cookie Jar Book, 5th Edition -- A Review
Many cookie jar books are available for collectors, they all have their strengths and good points. If you are a serious collector, the price of all the books combined would be less than the price of one good jar. I feel an assortment of cookie jar books should be on your bookshelf.

The Complete Guide to Corning Ware & Visions Cookware
Back in the sixties and seventies, who would have ever thought those simple white and blue flowered saucepans and casseroles would one day be a hot collectible? Well, perhaps they are not hot yet, but they are sought after and selling for more than one might expect. Prices should only go up. Luckily there are enough common pieces to satisfy the casual collector and for those incurable collectors among us -- Coroneos documents those rare and unusual pieces that are hard to find.

Wade Whimsical Collectibles
This catalogue was a wealth of information. I've always been drawn to Wade pieces -- cookie jars, premiums, and banks, but I had no idea how many different pieces they are responsible for making. For instance, although I've seen lots of little Wade pieces around at flea markets, I soon found out that Wade started making these Whimsies after World War II when there was need to keep employees busy.

Warman's Cookie Jars
Warman's Cookie Jar book, the newest edition in a library of books on pottery jars

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