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Memories of Charles Schulz and Peanuts

11/26/22 - 02/12/00


The most beloved comic strip creator has passed away. It was a bittersweet moment to know that he never had to see his last strip published, as it became his epitaph the morning after his death.

I found out about his death Sunday morning at a breakfast meeting. Someone came to the table and said "Charles Schulz died last night". The gasps around the table would not have been more audible if it was a neighbor or friend.

That is what Schulz was to all of us, a friend. Someone to depend in the morning paper. Someone to chuckle with over missing that darn football again. Someone who used his pen and paper to bring to life our everyday insecurities. We've all needed Linus' blanket at one time in our life. Who hasn't known, and known well, a Lucy who pulls the football out from under you just when the going is good. Then will charge you five cents to tell you why you feel bad about missing it!

Later at the airport there was the same type of reaction -- audible gasps when someone mentioned that he had passed away the night before. As we waited for our plane, sharing our memories and thoughts, there were smiles as we talked about the characters we loved the best.

I have yet to meet someone who did not feel his life was personally touched by Schulz or Charlie Brown in one way or another. Everyone has a story or memory to tell about Peanuts.

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