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Paper/Books/Prints/Ephemera Guides and Values

Paper items such as greeting cards, an Al Capone arrest record and a few other goodies.

Albert Einstein's Calculations Auction
This is an interesting and unusual auction from R&R Auction Enterprises. The lot consists of three pages of Einstein's calculations and notes.

What's it Worth to You? Al Capone's Arrest Record
What's it Worth to You? Al Capone's Arrest Record from Miami Florida in 1930.

The Da Vinci Code -- Prices Realized
With all the buzz about The Da Vinci Code and the Tom Hanks movie, it's only natural to see what's collectible, being sold and prices realized.

Vintage Children's Greeting Cards -- Values
A few selected prices from Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards by Linda McPherson.

Newspaper Prices
An informative web site with loads of information on old newspapers and their collectibility including price guides.

Old Maps
This is a subscription-only service that is a bit on the high side. But should appeal to those that are very serious about their map collecting.

The Art Market
Check out the About Guide to Art History for a list of excellent links to help you explore and find out more about your art pieces, including tips on researching.

Pulp Cover Art
Pulp Cover Art Pictures and Prices of Pulp Cover Art

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