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Reel Appeal and Hollywood Movie Props
Hollywood Props
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I was wide-eyed and almost giddy when coming across a warehouse sale held by Reel Appeal. It was filled with a crazy assortment of stuff, including: furniture, some clothing, household items, jewelry, loads of art, decorative items and more. But the part that made it so much fun was the fact that these were studio props for sale.

Living in the middle of the country and finding this spot on a quick trip to Los Angeles, had me crazy excited.

The Real Appeal sale was in Burbank, California. The warehouse area was huge and in well over an hour, we didn't even get close to covering it all. Aisles and aisles of household items from various shows and studios. There were items from everything Hollywood -- well-known shows, some never produced shows after a failed pilot, movies and loads of stuff from Disney Studios.

It was a treat to get a tour of some of the items in stock with Rich Reams, one of the owners, as he dropped names of the stuff he had in stock.

I didn't want to leave, wished I could magically transport some items home and generally had a great shopping experience.

The sale is open on the weekends only, call (818-563-3569)ahead to check the location.


  • This is a cash only sale.
  • Although information is available on some of the items, it's not always known when or how a piece might have been used.
There were several racks of cowboy boots, all in great condition and being sold for $35. a pair.

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