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Collectibles A - Z


A collectible can be anything, really, from a "throwaway" piece of paper (ephemera) to an object made specially for collecting (limited edition). People also collect toys from childhood, expensive artwork, antique furniture, glassware, and holiday decorations. The list can go on forever, but the basic idea is that if something is out there, someone probably collects it!

Need more proof? Check out this A to Z list of different collectibles. Don't see your favorite collectible here? Email me and I'll fill in the gaps!

  1. Collectibles A:
  2. Collectibles B:
  3. Collectibles C:
  4. Collectibles D-E:
  5. Collectibles F-G:
  6. Collectibles H-K:
  7. Collectibles L:
  8. Collectibles M-N:
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  7. Collectibles U - Z:

Collectibles A:

From Avon Decanters to the Apollo 13, collectibles come in all price ranges and can fit into all life styles from pack rat to minimalist.

Collectibles B:

If you think all glass ornaments are similar in design and style, take a look at Patricia Breen. She's brought a whole new direction to the contemporary glass ornament, costly and contemporary designs.

Collectibles C:

Over the past few years the most searched for collectible term has been the cookie jar. That doesn't mean they are being sold or bought more than other collectibles, there are just a lot out there and everyone wants to know if their jar is the valuable one!

Collectibles D-E:

Have you seen Elvis lately If you haven't, you're just not looking! Elvis' popularity has never decreased and, thanks to Priscilla, his image is more alive today than ever.

Collectibles F-G:

One might not realize what the most expensive collectibles are on this list, unless you collect antique fishing lures. Although lures can be found in all price ranges, the serious collector needs deep pockets.

Collectibles H-K:

Halloween is a favorite collecting category for many collectors, that has both good news and bad news. The good news is many items have been reproduced by modern companies and are easily affordable for new collectors. Unfortunately that's also the bad news for long-time collectors.

Collectibles L:

Little Red Riding Hood cookie jars are some of the most popular among collectors, which means one problem. That popularity and value make them ripe for reproduction cheaters. Learn more about what you have or what you are buying.

Collectibles M-N:

Even though it's been many decades after Marilyn's death, she is still a very popular subject for newly licensed items. If you're interested in vintage Marilyn items, look no further than the world's most expensive dress, also known as the Happy Birthday Mr. President dress.

Collectibles O-P:

One of the more interesting prices seen on auction sites are for Peanuts comic strips, autographed strips from Schulz sell for amazingly high prices and original Peanuts comic strips are as good as money in the bank!

Collectibles Q:

Quizzes for collectors, fun, serious and trivial. Try out a few and see how you do.

Collectibles R

When mentioning collectibles, nothing typifies an Americana image more than the smiling faces of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Regardless of trends or fads -- they've always had the red, white and blue spirit.

Collectibles S:

Learn more about selling vintage scarves, check out Scott Smith an amazing doll artist or find out more about collecting State Quarters. Did anyone not collect them?

Collectibles T-Z:

Do you have a few old concert t-shirts in the back of the closet? Before you throw them in the rag box, take a look at what they can sell for. Vintage t-shirts are one of the few items that "the more wear, the more valuable" concept applies.

Collectibles U - Z:

One might not realize that Uglydolls and Urban Vinyl are both toys, unusual toys that is. One appeals mostly to kids and the other more to grownup kids.

Collectibles U - Z:

One might not realize that Uglydolls and Urban Vinyl are both toys, unusual toys that is. One appeals mostly to kids and the other more to grownup kids.

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