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Black Memorabilia?
What exactly is Black Memorabilia? The best description is found in "Black Collectibles, Sold in America" by P.J. Gibbs. She explains "in order for an item to be considered a Black collectible, it must be made in the imagery of a Black person or it must be directly attributed to a Black artisan."

That description can cover a lot of stuff! From the early and, many times, offensive pieces depicting the times of slavery to today's collectibles such as Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions, it all fits into that catchall category of Black Memorabilia and collectibles.

This image gallery is a sampling of Black Memorabilia, hopefully with information that will help you make informed decisions.

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Heubach Koppelsdorf South Seas DollHeubach Koppelsdorf South Seas Dollthe Golliwog is an advertising figure from the UKHandmade GolliwogKuhnlenz Black Character DollKuhnlenz Black Character DollBasket Babies Salt and Peppers
Martin Luther King ButtonMartin Luther King ButtonGallery of Little Black Sambo ImagesMammy StringholderCompare Cast Iron Mammy Banks
Gallery of Black Memorabilia Cookie JarsHey Hey The Chicken SnatcherMarx Amos 'n Andy Tin ToyMammy Tobacco Tin
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